BUSINESS ANALYTICS- The Data Driven Approach

BUSINESS ANALYTICS- The Data Driven Approach

Business analytics is analyzing the past performance of the company and analyze the mistakes and changes in the market compared to the present time or period. It is done based on the statistical and data method, it helps in developing and improvising the business plans. The SAS software is a leader in analytic, it helps customers to know and make decisions faster. Business analytics helps find out the answers for questions like How? When? Why? What? i.e. help in predict and optimize.


The course helps students become versatile analyst and make them able to analyze the situations in a better sense. It helps students to obtain the quality of studying the real environment along with the data and analytics. It gives them practical approach in this course. Challenges them to create decisions in different and creative ways.

They learn a variety of analytic technologies from SPSS to SAS and other statistical programming languages. Quality research and design techniques with a strong business foundation and industry engagement is obtained. In turn, making them versatile and comfortable in taking care of the data. Accurate knowledge about quantitative and qualitative methods. Making them a person who can bring creative and statistical solution to the business problems.

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At present business analyst act as a link, precise analyzers and team players. Top analysts have agreed that the role of a business analyst is not clear in most companies.


We often forget that business analyst doesn’t just analyze. They do a lot of technical and management work that connect all the departments. They analyze and find opportunities and detect threats that come towards the company.

They modify and improvise the systems and interact with experts and investors & try to know their problems. Bring technical solutions and solve the business problems. They check on the creators and system developers to make sure that everything is done systematically.

They make notes of the designs and test the system or product that will be launched and take note of its function & process. To be successful in this career one must have business as well as IT background because the profession includes technical work and making business plans. Initially, the position will be collecting documents, analyzing problems and testing the systems.

As you gain some experience you are given opportunity of choosing areas which will help you in developing your knowledge and skills. The skills that help you move forward and gain higher positions in the company and as a business analyst.

After 8-10 years of experience in this field one has chances of getting larger projects and move on further as per your area of expertise. Thus explaining the reason behind the rise in demand for this profession.

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Business Analytics recruiters at Welingkar:

  • McDonalds
  •  Mahindra
  • Care Ratings
  • ICICI Securities
  • Aranca
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • TATA AIG Insurance

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