The Tale of F-Day : Sandeep Sharma

F-day at Marsh & McLennan – Sandeep Sharma ICICI, IIM, Udaipur

7 tips to survive the first day of internship, how to rock the first day of internship, 10 things they don’t tell you about internship, these are some of the results that a hacker can obtain from my browser history. The excitement of a new adventure churned my stomach at night, the blanket failed to comfort me to sleep, imaginary conversations running in my head, I say this, I’ll do that….. OH WAIT, did I polish my shoes?! Rush to beat that cherry blossom on my shoes till I can see my face in the reflection at 3am. Somehow my mind goes to rest at the usual MBA students’ time, 5am, and awakens at 7. Adrenaline flowing through my body with only 2 hours to finish the chores which require 30 minutes to perform.

Not a bright start I would say, being the last inter to enter the office bay. So what if the reporting time was 9, reaching post 8 is nothing short of crime. Room filled with anxious souls, could it be possible that they are as concerned about the crease of the shirt as me, fearful that someone would point out that the belt and shoes do not match or the other 489 issues running through my head. But as positivity always finds its way, my fear was bound to help me in some way. So when the HR asked us about the company, while others might have rested the previous week while I slogged researching about the company, practicing how I’ll introduce and explain. I raised my hand and repeated the words I had memorized myself to sleep, at the end of it I had separated myself from the herd.

As the conversation with the interns proceed, the realization dawns upon me that we all are so different yet somehow made out of the same fabric. We share similar fears, worries, humor and joy. There is a certain comfort in sharing discomfort with strangers. Gradually the room was no longer a volcano of boiling anxiety but a garden of calmness where people share their knowledge and thoughts. Alas! The joy was short lived indeed. The induction process was soon ended somewhat abruptly after listening to the engrossing tales of the former interns who had secured their jobs through the much coveted PPO, every MBA candidate’s goal.

Names were called out alphabetically as we were escorted by the HR to the desk of our mentors for the internship program. Soon I was addressed by the sanguine face of Rishabh Chaturvedi, welcoming me into the organization. He seemed rather amused by my introduction. But not more amused than I was with his, a holistic background in marketing, finance and operations within a short period of 4 years is no small feat. He either had no clue about what he wants or the thirst to learn all he can, by the drive in his voice I would assume the latter to describe him. Rishabh was not the only charismatic personality around, wherever I may rest my eyes some confident faces could be found. Soon it pondered upon me that it could be found in the mirror as well. There is an opportunity in front of me to grow, to learn, to excel. All it requires it absolute determination, dedication and effort.

As the day draws to a close and everyone bids farewell at the end of a fresh beginning, the internship brings opportunity dressed in a cloak of hope. I look back at how I have changed from the guy who left his comfortable job at KPMG to pursue an MBA to a man who is leveraging is MBA to intern at Marsh. The slight change in the way I introduce myself, handshakes with colleagues, eye contact with people when they speak, the absence of unnecessary fidgeting and gestures. A lot has changed indeed and changed for the better I feel. No longer just a guy following the senior’s instructions blindly, but the man with owned philosophy and drive to express his point of view indeed and confidence to recommend suggestions as per the need.

The first day at Marsh has helped me realize the difference I have made in my life by choosing the path that I have chosen to lead, not follow but lead.

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