Success Story: Rajat Sukhija, NMIMS

Success Story NMIMS

Success Story: Rajat Sukhija, NMIMS

Success Story: Rajat Sukhija, NMIMS

How did you start your preparation?

My first baby step towards MBA preparation was through my B.Tech seniors as they conducted an aptitude test in which I finished second out of 100 odd students who gave the test. I found solving these questions to be very interesting as my basic concepts of quant topics were clear right from my school days. I realized that I can reach up to the CAT level with more practice and regularity. Also, one of my friend’s father guided me in this direction as he told me to go through class 6th-10th maths books and clear the concepts if I was not confident in any of the topic. Also, I started reading the daily newspapers and noting down the difficult words. My focus was clear now that I want to go for an MBA from a top-20 B-School.

What was your daily schedule like?

Targeting CAT-2015, I joined a local institute in January.  The biggest benefit of this is that it gives regularity which is very important towards CAT preparation. I made it a habit that I went through everything taught in class and practice questions from the study material side by side.  Reading newspaper was a habit which never left. It increased the reading speed as well as vocabulary. So practicing daily at least for 1 to 2 hours is what I used to give for my preparation.

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How important are mocks?

Yes! NMAT Mocks played a big role in my exam preparation. From June onwards, I started giving mock CAT online which gave me a real sense of preparation so far. I used to see solutions and analyze each and every test as in where I went wrong.  It gave me a real idea of how to strategize and plan the time. It also gave me the idea that one should pick easy and medium difficulty level questions first and try to maximize the score rather than spending time on difficult questions.
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How did you handle the stress?

At times, I used to feel very pressurized whether I’ll be able to perform on the final day or not. The support of family and friends kept me going. Also, I used to meditate to keep myself calm and improve concentration. I used to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

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What was your last-minute strategy?

Last month before the CAT, I used to read articles online so as to make myself habitual of online reading as well.

So, all this proved to be fruitful as I scored 94.5%ile in CAT, 219 in NMAT, and 96.36%ile in XAT.

How did you prepare for GDPI/CDPI?

But this was half the battle won. I started preparing for GD/PI. Here, I divided my preparation into 3 parts. One was an academic subject from my B.Tech. Other parts were to prepare for the personal interview. And the last being reading current issues and making notes on each topic covering pros and cons. giving mock interviews helped to refine my answers and prepare me well.

So, after appearing for various B-schools, I finally chose NMIMS.

So to sum up-

  1. The practice is the key
  2. Regularity is very important
  3. Stay calm during the exam
  4. Prepare well for GD/PI
  5. Be confident and clear about your answers.


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