Online MBA or Distance MBA

Online MBA or Distance MBA

MBA becoming most sought after career option for students nowadays. Not only classroom MBA but also other modes of doing MBA have become popular these days like the online MBA and the Distance MBA. So lets have a look on the distinguishing aspects of these two.

Online MBA

  • In an online MBA program, one can interact virtually with classmates and instructors. Even if a person does not have much computer experience, this type of program has the added benefit of familiarizing yourself with technology.
  • These computer skills and the Internet could be very useful for the later part of the management career. You can experience much of the traditional classroom model – ask your instructor questions, talk to classmates and possibly view videos or listen to lectures (depending on the program).
  • An online MBA might have added flexibility: you could get a degree from an international school that gives you the same degree and the students on campus. Some institutions may also have placement services available, checking if your prospective programs provide this.
  • Talk to program counselors to see if a distance or an online MBA might work for you. While the details of a program differ from one school to another, many will offer a level of convenience that a traditional MBA does not.
  • Online MBA’s have the advantage of avoiding the postal system. You generally do not have to worry about materials or course books delayed when studying online. Each MBA could provide information relevant to your career and your future professional ambitions.

Distance MBA

  • In the distance MBA, learning is usually done via material sent by post. Remote MBA programs include specific books and school programs.
  • Additional materials or resources may be available depending on the program and your regional settings, such as in-person courses.
  • These self-learning programs allow you to learn independently and at your convenience. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a postage fee for materials at admission.
  • How do you conduct exams when you are doing a remote MBA? Although options vary by school, you can take the exam by mail, online through the school’s website or at a local test center.
  • Please note that some programs correspond to the terms remote program and online program, although they are actually different. Some programs may advertise distance or correspondence courses, but in fact have an online learning component or platform.
  • If the paper size is what you are looking for, make sure that your program does not include online components.

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