Family plays a very important role in each and everyone’s life.  Here in this chapter we will talk about words related to someone whom you value the most in your life might be your father, mother or siblings.  I’m sure you will find some words here to use in your day to day life!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.59.03 PMMeaning: doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive toward one’s wife.

an adjective describing a man who excessively, even absurdly, caters to, dotes on, worships, and submits to the most outlandish or outrageous demands of, his wife. This word is not synonymous with henpecked, as the henpecked

husband is dominated by his wife, perhaps . Because of his own fear or weakness, while the uxorious husband is dominated only by his neurosis, and quite likely the wife finds his uxoriousness comical or a pain in the neck.

(There can, indeed, be too much of a good thing!)

uxorial-pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting, a wife, as uxorial duties, privileges, attitudes, etc

Remember uxorious is different from Henpecked , henpecked is a man who is dominated by his wife. While uxorious is someone who is in so much love with his wife that he makes sure he fulfills all his wife’s demand . In Hindi its called – “ joru ka gulam’’

The uxorious man gave his wife a foot massage as soon as he realized she was not able to walk because she was tired.

Yet he became deeply attached to his wife, and proved in fact nearly as uxorious as his father.

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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.59.44 PMMeaning:  the period during pregnancy and shortly after childbirth

Alice is going to give birth to a baby, she is now on maternity leave. Alice is planning to spent this maternity leave with her parents.

Magee, by agreement the maternity hospital of the university of Pittsburgh, is perhaps the most modern and complete maternity hospital in America.
The general manager was on maternity leave, and she rifled through several drawers before locating a bottle of painkillers.






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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.00.24 PMMeaning: a woman who is the head of a family or tribe

Ria’s matriarch grandmother scolded her everyday for not getting up early in the morning and punished her every time she  woke up late.

(The mother-ruler; the “mother person” that controls a large household, tribe, or country. This word, like patriarch, is built on the root archein, to rule. During

the reign of Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria, England was a.)

The breakfast room had cleared out an hour before, but the patient matriarch kept her coffee cup full and left her alone.
She almost lost her stomach at the innocent question from the middle-aged matriarch of the bed and breakfast.




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