Imagine a universe where you can choose your future from a catalogue. You flip through it and say, “I would like to experience this and I would like to have that product. I would like to have that person in my life”. All sound so cool and incredible but still it’s frictional. We are in constant phobia of what will happen next, we are in constant worry of one question what’s going to be our next move either in context of big doubt like future spouse, career, relations, place of residence, family to minute hesitation like will he get angry on me, will I clear the exam, will I get the ice-cream at this hour, will I get less jammed metro.

People search ways to get out of their misery or critical condition but still all in vain. When all doors close, superstition or speculation drives in by window.

You must have heard of those gypsy ladies; Dude! Not the jeep driving ladies.

Gypsy ladies, they were popular for two thing one for kidnapping small kids, that’s how this rumour work in favour of mother to keep their child away from those weirdoes and second, the magical, occult and unexplored world of crystal ball, tarot card, spirit board and so on. We found iconoclastic and scientific groups on same side when it comes to authentication of rudimentary reasoning behind future prediction. There certain enigmas and conundrums that one find difficult to gulp. It’s impossible for science to substantiate all incomprehensible things. But one thing is sure that as long as humankind has had minute of uncertainty in their mind or absence of scientific reasoning, unconventional route will do coexist. C’mon fellas, let’s dive into the crazy world of uncertainty and prediction.

All the party people, let’s get startedddddd…….!!!!

Here is the list of few words.

You always work hard (6)Meaning: a person of supposed supernatural insight who sees visions of the future.

As a seer, Moana, from early childhood get extrasensory images of future. One night, she woke up suddenly and broke up in tears when he saw a brutal accident of her family.

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You always work hard (7)Meaning: a woman in ancient times who was thought to utter the prophecies of a god.

Ancient writers refer to the existence of various women in such countries as Babylonia, Greece, Italy, and Egypt, through whom the gods regularly spoke. These sibyls were easy to confuse with the oracles, women who were likewise mouthpieces of the gods, at such sites as Apollo’s temple at Delphi. The most famous sibyl was the Sibyl of Cumae in Italy, a withered crone who lived in a cave. Her prophecies were collected into twelve books, three of which survived to be consulted by the Romans in times of national emergencies. She is one of the five sibyls memorably depicted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

In one scene of famous movie 300, the Ephors consult the Sibyl, who decrees that Sparta will not go to war during the Carneia. Hearing this Leonidas depart angrily.

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You always work hard (8)Meaning: a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

Susan, a skilled tasseographer was interpreting, the future through wet splodges in the cup while William watched her perplexedly.







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Chapter I:

Let’s Play Dirty


Chapter II:

Let’s Learn about God


Chapter III:

From Uncultured to Cultured People


Chapter IV:

Experiences do Matter


Chapter V:

Lets Learn About Family


Chapter VI:

What If you Want to Kill Someone


Chapter VII:

Lets Learn About Clever and Cheats


Chapter VIII:

Future Prediction and Foretelling


Chapter IX:

Top Class People- Achievers


Chapter X:

What Do You Fear


Chapter XI:

What Money Does


Chapter XII:

Angels In Disguise


Chapter XIII:

The Official Guide for Condemn


Chapter XIV:

No Human Being is Same


Chapter XV:

Degree of Flattering


Chapter XVI:

Class of Secrecy


Chapter XVII:

Lets Learn Foolish People


Chapter XVIII:

Whatsapp Words


Chapter XIX:

Are You A Braveheart?


Chapter XX:

Bon Appetite


Chapter XXI:



Chapter XXII:

Learn About Bad Tempered People


Chapter XXIII:

The Maniac Episode


Chapter XXIV:

People Are the Craziest Animals!

Chapter XXV:

Magic Of Sounds!

Chapter XXVI:

When Boredom Induces Sleep!

Chapter XXVII:

Smart People

Chapter XXVIII:


Chapter XXIX:

Praising People

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