Before I make you folks dive into the depth of this chapter. Take a moment and think about the most common letter from which all dirty words starts. Umm…let me help you out. If you have noticed most of the dirty words start with letter “L”.

The history of letter “L” is derived from the name of most sensual actress SUNNY LEONE. Think of her for a moment. OK! Control your feelings boys!

Hahaha – Don’t take it too seriously!!

If you still don’t agree to what I’m saying look at this then -Try out speaking the letter L in a sensual tone and do focus on your tongue when  you pronounce the letter “L”.


Meaning: Sexual in an offensive or rude way, vulgar, wicked.

Recently Malaika and Karan met in a red carpet show. Malaika’s hot apparel instigated Karan to pass some lewd remarks to which public resented with anger. This broke their friendship and ruined Karan’s image in front of public.

Here me out– never try to pass a cheap comment to a girl in public like Karan did. (A way to recall- lewd sounds similar to nude)

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Meaning: feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire.

My friend Priyanka was at unease since a week, when I went into the depth of the matter I got to know the reason for the same was the lascivious messages that she had been receiving from her ex-boyfriend.

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