MICA Ahmedabad GE-PI Experiences

MICA Ahmedabad GE-PI Experiences

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MICA GE-PI Experience 1:

GE topic – Create a board game for kids to spread awareness about social distancing and sanitisation.

PI – 2M 1F (Everyone seemed pretty tired)

1. 3 words to describe yourself

2. Instances where you made decisions based on data

3. What are the social causes that you stand for.

4. How would you have talked to the farmers about the farm bill.

5. How would you have talked to the state about the farm bills.

6. OTT platforms ka case. And name the regulations.

7. Questions from operation (a random subject that I had in graduation)

8. You are interested in data lite role. But data is important.

9. An apple costs 40, banana 40, grapefruit 60 how would you price a pear.😳

10. If you get a chance to join an NGO that stands for the social causes that you feel strongly about as a full time employee, and another digital marketing agency that pays you more , both after mica, and you had to choose ONLY ONE. What would you do?

11. Is it okay to manipulate emotions of people like we do via marketing. Is it ethical.

No questions about likes dislikes, ventures, extra curricular, sop. Only graduation and random questions

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MICA GE-PI Experience 2:

30 mins GE. Group of seven People.
Topic- Design an outdoor game using social media platforms, lay down the rules of the game, perform it .
Had great fun creating a relay race with social media platforms in between.

PI Experience. It was a good experience.
Basically they asked questions related to work experience, and I mentioned in the sop that I want to become a socially responsible marketing manager.

So they picked up the word “socially ” and asked me questions related to it.

Like can profits and social responsibility go hand in hand.

Or like in the fashion world is there a brand that is using sustainable means and created a product.

So I told them Levi’s made jeans with recyclable plastics.

Then they asked about Unilever and whether Unilever as a brand is more commercial or socially responsible.

I told them they focus a lot on sustainability and told them about an ad campaign by Unilever, and also said that because they are socially responsible they are commercially very profitable.

These were 3 important questions, I was asked. Other were related to my work exp. And some chill topics like they asked me fastest cars and bikes name .as I mentioned them I love cars.

So yeah it was fun.

Tip- They will ask at the end whether you have any questions for us.
Then you should definitely ask them a good question related to mica.

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