Logistics Management-Career Prospects

Logistics Management-Career Prospects

A degree in Logistics Management opens up several prospects to shape your career into. While Logistician is the common most job you might get below is a list of several other possible career options.

  • Business Sustainability and Green Operations: Effective logistics management can help align the carbon footprints of any company with long-term sustainability and this is a lucrative avenue
  • General Management: General management is a versatile field focusing on high level leadership as well as connecting the moving parts of a major organization together. Prospects after a General Management Degree can vary greatly but are almost always focused on day-to-day operations and the management of several teams working together.
  • Operations Management: Well, obviously. But a focused course in Logistics and SCM can help gain the expertise in a short while and thus deal with operations problems in a more effective way.
  • Project Management: Controlling and overseeing company resources and managing time efficiently to achieve targets is something that a logistician learns during his course.
  • Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship: Overseeing operations and staffing at a start-up also can be effectively learnt through this course which is an unexpected avenue.

Conclusion: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, provides the edge that a logistician needs  in his career on one hand and also enables him to be versatile and adaptable to several other streams of Management.


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