List of largest, biggest, longest : All Superlatives of India

List of largest, biggest, longest : All Superlatives of India

List of largest, biggest, longest: All Superlatives of India

Facts on the biggest, largest, longest, smallest are not just interesting, but also are commonly asked in the GK section of exams. Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK. Read our list of superlatives of India to know all about who tops where.

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All the Highest of India:

1 Highest Peak Mt. K2 (Godwin Austin)
2 Highest Waterfall Jog Falls (Karnataka)
3 Highest gateway Buland Darwaza (Fathepur Sikri)
4 Highest literacy among state Kerala
5 Highest tower Qutub Minar
6 Highest dam Bhakra  dam
7 Highest multiple arch dam Idukki (Kerala)


All the Largest of India:

1 Largest populated city Mumbai
2 Largest freshwater lake Kolleru (Andhra Pradesh)
3 Largest saltwater lake Chilka (Orissa)
4 Largest state Rajasthan
5 Largest populated state Uttar Pradesh
6 Largest museum Indian Museum (Kolkata)
7 Largest zoo Zoological Garden (Karnataka)
8 Largest dome Gol Gumbaz (Karnataka)
9 Largest mosque Jama Masjid (New Delhi)
10 Largest desert Thar (Rajasthan)
11 Largest river island Majuili (Brahmaputra)
12 Largest monastery Tawang monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)
13 Largest cave temple Ellora (Maharashtra)
14 Largest animal fair Sonepur fair (Bihar)
15 Largest plateau Deccan Plateau
16 Largest river in South India Godavari
17 Largest prison Puzhal Jail (Chennai)
18 Largest planetarium Birla Planetarium
19 Largest GPO Mumbai GPO
20 Largest church St. Cathedral (Old Goa)


Gol Gumbaz


21 Largest cinema theater Thangam Theater
22 Largest exhibition ground Pragati Maidan (New Delhi)
23 Largest arch dam Idukki dam (Kerala)
24 Largest library National Library (Kolkata)
25 Largest aircraft carrier INS Viraat
26 Largest landing ship INS Magrar
27 Largest union territory Andaman Nicobar Islands
28 Largest gurudwara Golden Temple (Amritsar)
29 Largest residence Rashtrapati Bhavan
30 Largest river barrage Farakka Barrage
31 Largest open university Indira Gandhi Open University (New Delhi)
32 Largest ocean island Middle Andaman

Golden Temple

All the Longest of India:

1 Longest river Ganga
2 Longest tunnel Kharbude (Konkan Railway)
3 Longest dam Hirakud (Orissa)
4 Longest railway platform Kharagpur (West Bengal)
5 Longest corridor Rameswaram Temple
6 Longest hanging bridge Howrah Bridge
7 Longest train service Himasagar Express
8 Longest bridge Anna Indira (Rameswaram to Mandap)
9 Longest glacier Siachen Glacier
10 Longest river bridge Mahatma Gandhi Sethu
11 Longest national highway N.H. 7
12 Longest  canal Indira Gandhi canal


                                                                                                        Siachen Glacier

All the Smallest of India:

1 Smallest state (Area) Goa
2 Smallest state (Population) Sikkim
3 Smallest state (forest area) Haryana
4 Smallest Union territory Lakshwadeep

              Lakshadweep Island


1 Biggest hotel Oberoi- Sheraton (Mumbai)
2 Tallest statue Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
3 Highest Gallantry Award Param Vir Chakra
4 Most literate state Kerala
5 Least Literate state Bihar
6 Most densely populated state West Bengal
7 Least densely populated state Arunachal Pradesh
8 Most populated city Mumbai
9 Busiest Bridge Howrah (Culcutta)
10 Oldest Refinery Digboi (Assam)
11 Most literate Union Territory Lakshadweep
12 Fastest Train Shatabdi Express
13 Least Populated Union Territory Lakshadweep
14 Highest award (civilian) Bharat Ratna


That’s all! I hope you found this article on the List of superlatives of India helpful. Happy Learning!

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