IIM Rohtak WAT-PI Experiences

IIM Rohtak WAT-PI Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive IIM Rohtak WAT-PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

WAT-PI  Experience 1


Date: 5 FEB

Your educational background:\

Work experience: FRESHER

Process: A brief extempore and then PI

Extempore topic – FARM bills 2020

Both panelists asked me to share my screen so that they can see my score card


Both male panelists

P1 : So you are from Chhattisgarh, tell me more about Chhattisgarh. Why it famous?

Me : Answered

P2 : Why MBA?

Me : Answered

P1 : In which specialization you have done Engineering?

Me : Sir, Civil Engineering

P1: Okay, then tell me about Bridges? Bridges are made by rcc or pcc? And also answer why?

Me: Answered

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P1 : Name two famous bridges

Me : Answered

P2: As you have mentioned you love travelling, Tell me places you have visited.

Me: Answered

P2: Tell me difference between Ooty and Coorg.

Me: Answered

P2: What you do to engage yourself in train while travelling? What you do after reaching to destination?

Me : Answered

P2: You have written you were part of sponsorship committee in your fest. Explain you role.

Me : Answered

P1: Why you want to join IIM Rohtak?

Me: Answered

P1 : What all call do you have? And tell me your preference among them. Diplomatic answers won’t work.

Me: Answered

WAT-PI  Experience 2

IIM Rohtak: 05/02/2021

Panel 11: 2M(1 late 30s ,1 late 40s) – Production And Industrial Engineer

Extempore: Lockdown in Delhi (30s to think and 2 minutes to speak)

1. What are you currently doing?

2. Favourite subjects

3. What is Bernoulli Principle

4. Where is it used?

5. Why paper and other stuff comes near trains with high speed moving from one station to another

6. What happens to the momentum of bombs after explosion

7. What happens when it is on a table

8. Difference between entropy and enthalpy

P1 over, P2 starts

9. Some term related to fluids I still can’t relate

10. Any particular co-curricular you want to highlight

11. What is integrity club?

12. CAT percentile

13. National Animal, Flower and song

14. Coastline states of India

15. Beaches in Goa

16. Seas in India

17. Longest river of India

18. 3 rivers of India

19. Origination of Indus river

That’s all, Thank you of your time and All the best.

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WAT-PI  Experience 3

IIM Rohtak PI

98.99 percentile

10th l 12th l Btech CSE : 91% | 86% | 8.32 GPA

GEM 8 months work experience

It started with an extempore: Mythology vs Management
Stated points like roots and ethics, emotional connect in mythology unlike management, bla bla

Tell us more about your work ex

Tell us more about current project that you are working on, etc

Your fav subjects in acads
Java and DBMS

I was asked questions from C++, Java, Sql, etc.

Somehow the discussion shifted towards security and one of the panelists worked in banking sector. She asked me as a CS engineer, how will you implement security in a banking system.
Talked about double factor authentication, SSL, TLS protocols and secure browsing

Asked about Jack Ma disappearance, New Amazon CEO, etc.

Discussion about chinese politics

Tell us about your extra curriculars

We are done, thank you

WAT-PI  Experience 4

IIM Rohtak: 05/02/2021 (Forenoon No.4)

Panel 8: 2M(1 late 30s ,1 late 40s)

Show CAT Score/Admit Card+ID Proof

Extempore: Optimism (Gave life examples)-1.5min

1. When did you finished graduation?

2. What is the National Bird, Fruit, Vegetable?

3. Asked about Linked List, Arrays – nahi pata tha.

4. Electrical pucha thoda, nahi pata tha bol diya.

5. How does Earthquake Resistant Design helps in preventing building?

6. Tell me about your family.

7. Who wrote National Song, novel mentioned?

8. Time for National Anthem?

9. Little about Olympics-Gold Medals in individual events, who and when?

10. Extra Curricular activities achievements – Show certificates

11. CAT Percentile?

That’s all, Thank you of your time and All the best.

WAT-PI  Experience 5

CS engineer

2 panelists

They asked me to introduce myself (They didn’t ask any questions on basis of that)

Then gave me one minute to think and speak for 2 minutes on atmanirbhar bharat

Asked me a puzzle (100 people in a circle shoot alternate person, who is the last person remaining)

Difference between niti ayog and planning commission

First foreign bank in india

First India bank to open branch outside India

5 things that became cheaper after this year’s budget

Whole interview concluded in about 10 minutes

99.27 in cat
87, 85, 7.5 acads
Good extra curricular activities

General, male

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WAT-PI  Experience 6

Rohtak interview afternoon slot

1. Topic – negative obsession of AI

2. Any subject in ur graduate which u like and few questions on it ( though having 3 yrs work ex)

3. Questions on work ex

4. Questions on budget

5. Hobbies and why not choose it as ur profession ( as i had good number if certificates on it)

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WAT-PI  Experience 7

IIM Rohtak Forenoon slot (5th Feb)

CAT 99.85


GEM Fresher

Panel 2 (M in 50s, F in 30s)

F asked for CAT %ile, Xth, XIIth, grad docs, along with 3 best extra curriculars

F: Introduce yourself

P: Did

F: Tell me about your weightloss journey(I had mentioned it in intro)

P: Did

F: What did you do in NSS?

P: Told I was the head and established Teaching cell.

F asks me for an extempore on

Pros and Cons of AI (I had mentioned AI specifically as my interest)

P: Talked about legality, superAI, lifestyle changes as cons and efficiency, speed and how humans will get more time to solve complex problems (gave the tactics vs strategy example)

F(seemed satisfied): You are clearly passionate about it. So a computer science grad right? Tell me what is data, information and programming?

P: told the differences and definitions

F: Explain with examples the applications of ML vs Deep Learning.

P: Talked about stock prediction and chatbots.

Here is when M enters. He maintained a poker face throughout.

M: Okay tell me why are stock prediction algorithms unsuccessful?

P: Talked about how they focus on time series predictions mostly.

M: How will you decide what stock to invest in?

P(getting nervous slowly): Talked about technical and fundamental analysis.

M: Which one do you prefer and why?

P: Said both have value and told that I am a value investor myself so fundamental analysis.

M: Recommend a stock and explain why.

P: Recommended X

M(smiles as if I fell in his trap): Why X and not Y. Even Y is fundamentally great.

P: I backed off saying I do not know much about it but listed the pros of X.

M: Okay tell me about Armenia vs Azerbaijan

P(did not know much): Told about the border dispute

M: What are the learnings from that?

P: International cooperation, art of negotiation.

M scoffs and is dissatisfied.

M: Okay tell me how do we apply that in our border disputes.

P: Told whatever I could. (At this point I did not want it to go into military and politics)

M: What is neo-imperialism?

P: Sorry sir I don’t have an idea.

M(smiles): Okay you are the indian army commander. You have surrounded enemies from all sides. Is it a good thing?

P: Yes sir, we are benefitting from it.

M: Tell me about risks associated with it.

P: Connected to my fav game Age of Empires(immediately M cut me off)

M: Tell me directly.

P: Talked about less concentration if spread out in all directions, rationing issues if it is a standstill.

M(still dissatisfied): Switch the situation. How will you get out of it?

P: If any communication line is not broken, call for reinforcements. If not, then attack at their weakest link(cited 2nd world war).

M smiles and recommends Art of War to me.

F smiled throughout.
F: Thank you

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WAT-PI  Experience 8

Panel No-5


1.Introduce about urself

2.About amazon location in chennai ( amazon employee)

3.Questions related to work

4.why mba when working in a good company

5.About MBA subjects


1.Where is Belgium

2.Capital of belgium

3.language spoken

4.Football penalty box dimension (hobby)

5.Population of TN

6.Population of India

7.common personality we both knew of your name

8.Asked about Arun jaitley

End of conversation.
Duration: 15 mins
Delay: 10mins

WAT-PI  Experience 9

B-Tech, fresher

1. Extempore-Recession causes Innovation

2. Tell about yourself

3. Difference bw Air conditioning and refrigeration

4. Difference bw petrol and diesel engine

5. Laws of thermodynamics

6. What is Blockchain

7. Paytm or Gpay. Which is better?

8. Full form of SEBI

9. Governor of Maharashtra

10. Why should we select you

Extempore: Boy’s don’t cry

– tell about family

– top 3 signifant achievements

– discussion on my research paper- affect of budget on jewelry business…my father’s work

– which party a minister belong to…i didn’t remember and i had no idea

– famous physicist..i said cv raman

– what did cv raman do..what is he known for..is he associated with iim

– you like baking..you know ranvir brar…do you follow him..who else do you follow

– fav motivation book you read and

WAT-PI  Experience 10

IIM Rohtak interview: Panel 2

Forenoon session (06-02-2021)

GEM Fresher (computer science) Lasted for about (15 mins)

Started with introduce yourself

Extempore topic: Farm bills pros and cons

Gk ques:

chief justice of India

Captial of Arunachal Pradesh

WHO Chief


asked me some java questions

grilled me on IOT (Internet of Things)
(I didn’t mention it anywhere)

WAT-PI  Experience 11

Panel 2 Forenoon Session (06-02-2021)

2 Panelists – Both seemed to be in their 30s

Short interview – lasted about 10 minutes

(Didn’t start off quite smoothly because of broadband issues)

1- Tell us something about yourself yourself

2- Jot down points and speak about the Farm Laws (Pros and Cons) – 30 seconds to think

3- Favourite Subject (I have 31 months of Work Ex) – Answered Strength of Materials

4- Stress is the internal resistance of a material, but we take the external loads to calculate it (cross questioning on it)

5- What is the function of a leaf spring? How is it different from an axial spring?

6- What is creep?

7- How can we prevent it?

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WAT-PI  Experience 12

Panel 1, sequence 7

Two panelists P1 Male, P2 Female

P1: tell me which all states have you travelled to

P1: tell me what jamnagar is known for?
Me: Sir I can’t remember anything specific

P1 : Reliance
Me: Yes sir, Reliance has their refinery their and they have just purchased 2 million barrel of zero carbon offset oil from US oxy company.

P1: Is Jamnagar nearby to runn of katch
Me: Sir I don’t remember how far was it from jamnagar

P1: tell me who was Guru Gobind Singh?
Me : Answered with a little error, said 9th sikh guru instead of 10th sikh guru

P1: he was 10th sikh Guru.
P1: you are engineering right, and your branch is ?
Me: Sir, Mechanical and automation, it’s not pure mechanical, we also read subjects about automation

P1: tell me in simple terms what is automation?
Me: Told,( he seems unsatisfied), I gave 1-2 examples

P1: you follow Cricket, we have match today
Me: Sir am not that much into cricket
( I have extracurriculars in both volleyball and Kabaddi)
Ok Ankit now am switching to the other panelist

Me: hello mam, I hope you are doing great
P2 : hello Ankit , thank you
P2: tell me what is your personal moto
Me: told

P2: you graduated in 2018 but you haven’t put any workex
Me: told about the work I did and justified my gap year(seems satisfied)

P2: so that’s great why didn’t you put in workex part
Me: Answered

P2: Ok, so what’s the thing you want to improve in yourself?
Me: Answered

P2: Last question Ankit
P2: Tell me your opinion about any news you read yesterday.
Me: Told

P2: that was great, All the best
Now you may logg off from the portal

WAT-PI  Experience 13

GEM ECE 20 months Workex

Q1 What is your CAT Percentile?

Q2. Tell me something about yourself?
Answered rat ke gaya tha

Q3. IP addresses Ipv4 addressing.

Q4. Static and Dynamic IP
Answered with few fumbles

Q5. Why Ipv6.

Q6. What is the function of Router.

Q7. New education Policy extempore.

Q8. What was the drawback

Q9. Which states will come if you fly from Singapore to Rohtak.
Answered and said you are somewhat correct but not entirely.

Q10. Why Rohtak? What is special about it.

Q11. Which other calls do you have and Why IIM Rohtak in particular.

Q12. What parameters do you select Bschool

WAT-PI  Experience 14

Panel 10 – 07/02/2021

Two panelists- one female and one male

Asks me to show score card of CAT, marksheets and degree

1) Extempore: Farm laws- explain and pros and cons. One line conclusion

2) You graduated in 2020, why didn’t you take up a job?

3) You know very well that recruiters will favour someone with work ex over a fresher so why should we select you and push you to take that risk?

4) You’re an engineer so must be good at maths so what is the first derivative of y= |x|

5) Why does the derivative not exist at x= 0

6) What are the parties that exist in US?

7) Can there be a third party?

8) What is the difference between democratic and republic?

9) Is India democratic/republic?

All in all the interview was not at all stressful. No technical questions. Not a lot of current affairs either.

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WAT-PI  Experience 15

Panel 3

Background: BBA Male 19 months workex
Panel: M (early 30s) F (late 20s) looked like students but not sure

F: speak about social media websites stealing data for 1 minute
– Spoke

F: tell me about your extra curricular

F: lets talk about economy. Any interesting news you have been following?
– Talked about union budget and upward trend in gst collection after lockdown

M: if you toss a coin 3 times what is the probability of you getting a head each time.
– Wasnt sure

M: will it be above 1/2 or below 1/2.M: what’s the range of probability
M: what was your fav subject in grad?
– Told marketing

M: what does stp stand for

M: what are 4 p of marketing
M: how many union territories?
– Said 6 then asked if i can count once again

M: asked me to name them all
M: said are you sure delhi is a union territory
– Replied yes

M: confirmed 3 times
– Replied yes saying the govt of delhi has been asking for full statehood but nct of delhi is a ut.
Asked to log out.

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WAT-PI  Experience 16

Extempore – “pandemic has been a boon to the nature”

Q1. Tell me something about yourself

Q2. How can architecture help in fighting upcoming pandemics

Q3. What are your learnings as the college cricket team captain, which will help you as a manager (And many follow up questions on that)

Q4. Difference between architecture styles of Germany and medieval India

Q5. Any business news you have recently followed

Q6. Any thing you want to ask us

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WAT-PI  Experience 17

1) Tell me something about yourself?

2) What is Scrum?

3) Difference between Scrum and Extreme Programming?

4) Length of a cycle in Scrum?

5) How would I handle constantoy changing requirements in a scrum scenario?

6) Your favourite subject?

7) I said Big Data

8) What is Big Data?

9) Does definition of Big Data change with change in computing power?

10) Yaha tak interview was going pretty great and I guess he took that personally

11) Starting bombarding me with GK questions.

12) I failed to answer 3 in a row after which he asked me about my opinion on Farm Laws.

I gave a prepared response and then he interrupted me to give me a 45 second extempore about “Who is a better Manager. Your mom or your Dad?”

Finally he gave me a logical puzzle to solve where I had one stick and needed to give him one piece of the stick each day for 7 days.

Constraint is that I can use only 2 cuts.

I failed to solve this one and that was the end of the interview.

WAT-PI  Experience 18

P1: Hi, we will give you 30 sec to think about a topic and you have to speak for a minute
The topic is “Is India’s population size an asset or liability to the nation”

P1: Okay, so do you remember about your mechanical engineering? Tell us the difference between a 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine

P1: What is your job role?

P1: Will Bidens policy affect the Oil Price

P2: What is the meaning of your name?

P2: You have been performing well throughout your life…why do you want to do an MBA?

P1: Following up on the previous question…which specialization are you looking for?

P2: I see that you like football…Who has the highest goal scoring record? Which player do you like the most and why?

P1: How is India planning to execute its covid vaccination drive?

WAT-PI  Experience 19

12th Feb, 2021 – Panel 16, Slot 12
B. Tech, ECE, Male EWS, 18 Months work Ex

Extempore on : Mental Health vs Physical Health

1) Difference between LED & LCD?

2) Probability sums

3) Hobbies

4) Name 5 south indian states with their capital

5) Through which states does the Himalayas pass?

6) Achievement in sports

7) What is I-league?

8) Defending champions

9) What happened to Mohun Bagan and East Bengal

10) How many teams in ISL, name them

11) Show top 3 extra curricular certificates

WAT-PI  Experience 20

Profile – 9/6/6 Mechanical engineering fresher

Asked to show CAT scorecard and other relevant documents

1. Introduction

2. Graphs of tanx, tan inverse x, mod tanx

3. Basic mechanical questions like what is entropy, enthalpy and isentropic and adiabatic processes.

4. Then came extempore on the topic Green Economy

5. Followed by questions on Maharashtra (I am a resident)

6. Mountain ranges in Maharashtra

7. When is Maharashtra day celebrated

8. 3 important co curricular and extra curricular activities.

Ended on a good note.

Panelists were smiling throughout and made me feel comfortable before starting.

WAT-PI  Experience 21

Profile 86/86/70 – mechanical engineer

Asked to show I’d, and CAT scorecard

Extempore- Is Covid vaccine hurried?

1. Fav. subject in grad, some basic questions on types of engine,

2. Which branch you would like to go for?

3. Repo rate , reverse repo rate?

4. Members of monetary policy?

5. Some questions on sports, famous players in volleyball and Kabaddi

6. Marketing model of pro Kabaddi league

7. A question on gap year, justify reason

Was easy, panelists (1 male 1 female) were cool
It was comfortable.

WAT-PI  Experience 22

Profile – 9.2/58/69 Civil engineering fresher

Asked to show CAT scorecard and other relevant documents

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Extempore on Right to speech vs fake news

3. Rank of Gandhi Setu Bridge Patna (I did my internship there)

4. Top 3 longest bridge of India

5. Graph of y=|x|

6. Its Derivative on x=0(I couldn’t answer this)

7. One numerical on Class 11 Physics(I fumbled here also) ye sav out of touch tha

8. When Bihar and Jharkhand separated – It is in 2000, i said close to 2000 maybe 1999

9. Give 1 pro and 1 conc for Bihar and Jharkhand due to this separation

10. What is concept of Green Building

11. How can we make this cost effective

12. Differences between Fundamental Rights,Fundamental Duties, and Dpsp( i don’t know here this word Dpsp so i only answered about fundamental rights and duties). Female panellists told me to google this Dpsp(Directive principles of State Policy😂) and said we are done you can leave the meeting.

Ended on a good note.

Panelists were smiling throughout and made me feel comfortable before starting, but i was nervous throughout the interview

WAT-PI  Experience 23

1 female in early 30s. 1 male in early 30s.
Started off with technical glitch. Camera stopped working. Voice was not clear. I had to wait for 45 min to be included again in the process.
No HR questions.

Extempore topic:- Black v/s White.

Started off with Graduation subjects.
1. Which is your favourite subject in under grad?

2. What’s Porter’s 5 forces? ( Forgot 1)

3. What are the 7 P’s of Marketing?

4. How to apply 7 P’s in Digital marketing? (Went well)

5. Did u study economics in BBA?

6. What is law of demand? Can demand curve be linear? How?

Job related questions:
7. Is π(pi) rational or irrational?

8. What is whole number?

9. I give u stick of length 7 cm. You are allowed to break it into just 3 pieces. I ask u to give me 1 piece everyday for the next 7 days. How will do that? ( Couldn’t answer)

Gk related questions:
10. Tallest building?

11. Tallest Statue? ( Tried to confuse me with Statue of liberty but I was adamant with my answer) Convinced.

12. Who’s aviation minister?

13. What is happening in Myanmar? Explain briefly.

14. What is the difference between Doosra and top spin?

Verdict:( Not a stressful interview) both panelists very cool. Female panelist was trying to confuse me by laughing after every answer I gave. But it was overall a pleasant interview. Was able to answer most of the questions.

WAT-PI  Experience 24

Workex 19 months

Extempore: men’s Don’t cry

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What is favorite subject (DBMS)

3. What is primary key

4. What is SQL

5. Write query to fetch employee details

6. What is OLAP

7. What is foreign key

8. Who is the deputy cm of Up

9. Who is vice Chancellor of Your University

10. What are monuments famours from.your state

11. Where is the highest statue situated

12. What is the height of the status

13. What movement is the sardarvalab Bhai Patel is associated

14. What is 23 January is famous for

15. What is the fulform of Noida

16. What is the Noida famous for

18. Show your extra curricular certificate

19. What is your hobby

20. Name 2 cartoon artist of India

21. Which painting of MF Hussain is famous

22. What stand for MF .

23. Why do we select you.

WAT-PI  Experience 25

Extempore- boys don’t cry

1)Which sports journal you read

2)Name five sports journalist

3)Five woman cricketer

4)Five badminton player that represented india in Olympics

6)Five haryana politicians that worked for central government

7)Neighbouring states of haryana

8)Which states you pass through while going from delhi to Bangalore

9)What is the probability of getting a 6 or black card 10)from a deck of 52 cards

11)Integrate logx

12)Price of gold today

13)Why the price of gold increased in the lockdown

14)Why mba after B.Sc.

WAT-PI  Experience 26

Extempore – Social Media Disadvantages

1. Explain your work experience as an Analyst

2. What is the graph for hyperbola?

3. Can you differentiate x^Sinx?

4. Can you differentiate x^2?

5. How can integration be used in management?

6. Give examples of how content is structured across different audiences.

WAT-PI  Experience 27

CS engineer | 19 months work ex

Extempore- women make better managers than men

1. Difference between ML and deep learning

2. Real life applications of ML

3. Cloud computing

4. Business women from India

5. Women ministers name

6. Farmers protest

7. Parties in US

8. Which US president was impeached twice in history

WAT-PI  Experience 28

Panel 2 Serial Number 3
Male(M) and Female(F)

Extempore : Online education because of covid

M : 3-4 questions based on c programming

F : who is CM of Telangana, education minister, finance minister

M : few questions on c++

F : how much did our gdp contract?

What is the projected growth of gdp in the coming year?

Who presents the budget?

M : what was the recent arms deal between indian govt and HAL?

M : How long did you work for?

What was your role in Capgemini?

F : how much do you rate yourself in GK out of 10?

Me : 2

M : what are the animals on the national emblem?

F : What is the state bird of Telangana?

Who is deputy CM of Telangana?

Any questions?
I asked are there any changes in the mindset of candidates appearing for interviews over the years?

F : Do you think there is any change? We’ll have this discussion some other time because it’ll go on for hours.

Thank you all the best

They tried to confuse me in every question

WAT-PI  Experience 29

Extempore on Electric Vehicles

1) Tesla venture

2) Third law of thermodynamics

3) 0K in celsius

4) 4stroke different from 2 stroke

5) Gk question that I don’t remember something about green

6) what will happen if diesel is placed in a petrol engine and when petrol placed in diesel engine

7) Probability “or” question

8) extra and cocuricular activities

9) cabinet ministers

Interview Experience 30

P1 – M P2- F (Both 30s)

Extempore – Farm laws

1. Introduce yourself

2. More 3-4 questions related to workex

3. Puzzle
Not able to answer properly

4. Question related to SQL

5. Governor of maharashtra

6. Number of districts

7. Vidharbha problems and solutions

8. Mumbai Problems and solutions

Overall it was good

Interview Experience 31

M>40, F>40 lasted around 15 mins
The window suddenly popped, mine was at no. 2

Hi, Hello
Show your score card and category certi (I am obc)
Extempore:- social media polarization
Few cross questions on it( since I gave eg. of Trump’s tweet and Greta Thunberg)

Acad questions
– Servo motor working

– Why it is preferred?( partially answered)

– Diff between fet and mosfet( I am from ECE bckgnd)( couldn’t answer)

– Why Led consumers less power then bulb?
( he didn’t looked satisfied with my answer)

– Any recent news u heard?
( budget)
Tell your Views.

– Show your national level best paper certificate ( I did that in college)

– F looked satisfied M not so much
I have 18months work ex, no work ex questions.

Interview Experience 32

Panel1- F(Around 30) M(around 40)

Document Verification- Scorecard, Caste Certificate, Degree Certificate
(Showed via screen sharing)

Extempore- Negative obsession of AI
When asked to clarify negative obsession in terms of jobs or in terms of use They changed the topic to Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

1. Directly Asked about work Exp.

2. Generator Working- Principle

3. Why don’t birds die? When Bird sit on transmission wire ?

4. Voltage of Earth

5. Probability question
Probability of having same birth date of 2 people in a room of 10 people?

6. Wasn’t able to calculate exactly but told the approach.

7. Didn’t asked anything from the form, introduction, extracurricular etc

(Not so good interview) 🙁

Interview Experience 33

1. Tell me about yourself

2. role in company

Extempore : Non academic Learnings in graduation

3. graph of x^2 – 4

4. Which newspaper or news app you follow

5. what’s happening in Pondicherry ?

6. 2 Farmer protests leaders

7. 5 European countries

8. 2 South American countries

Interview Experience 34

Alloted time 1:30 started at 3:50
2 panelists Male late 50s and Female 30s

M- Tell me about Surajmal (my college is Mahraja Surajmal Inst of Tech)

M- Why has he been neglected

F- Elon Musk satellite programme and his company name and no. Of satellites they are launching

F – asked fav subject

F- Asked questions about it

M – what is a jury and who are the jury members

M – how a judge can be removed

M – Indira Gandhi 60 L case( Google it)

M – what is checks and balances

Interview Experience 35

Background :- bcom, fresher.

1. extempore topic:- Fake news

2. What’s monetary and fiscal policy

3. How can RBI increases money supply in the economy

4 Difference between money market and share market

5. RBI governor

6. Two budget policies

7. Speaker of lok Sabha

8. Nabard falls under monetary or fiscal policy

Interview Experience 36

Computer science engineer

1. Tell me about yourself in brief and why MBA?

Extempore: Twitter is the new battlefield

2. Questions related to data science:

3. What is machine learning and what is Artificial intelligence?

4. Which one is superset and subset among the two?

5. What is supervised learning and unsupervised learning?

6. The biggest challenge faced while managing photography club at college?

Questions related to Work-ex:
7. About my roles and responsibilities, Revenue etc

Questions related to current affairs:
8. Name a few farmers leaders?

9. Who is the minister for agriculture?

10. Any recent news happened during the last 2 days at Pondicherry?

That’s all and the interview went for 15 mins

Interview Experience 37

Background economics
Extempore – do you think women make better managers than men
No HR questions !!!

1. What is producer surplus

2. What is consumer surplus

3. Price determination in an oligopoly model

4. Economies of scope

5. Economies of density

6. Draw the curve for consumer surplus

7. 3 ppl from India who won Nobel prize

8. When is Maharashtra day celebrated

9. Head of niti aayog

10. Why private banks have less npa than psu ?

11. Governor of Maharashtra.

12. Slope of perpendicular line

13. Square root of 0.4

13. Cobb Douglas production function

Interview Experience 38

GEM, 2+ years IT experience.
3 panelists (all 50+, male )P1,P2,P3

P1. Q1.Are you excited???

Q2, Walk us through your journey in 30 seconds.

Q3. How have you prepared for this interview., Any institution joined ?

Q4. What have you prepared

(I never wanted to say it , but nikal gaya muh se “general awareness”, thats it doomed, big time, i know what was coming ahead in the interview )

Q5. What kind of team member are you , what are the essential skills required in a team

Q6 . Have you ever lead a team?

Over to panelist 2

Q7. So which subject you feel comfortable in as per computer science .
(I told operating system)

Some serious cross questioning 7-8 questions based upon which operating system you prefer, which operating is famous , why famous , what security features in it , why this oper system is not famous, what features you look after in OS.

Q8. what is digitalization, what is digitization, what is the difference

Over to panelist 3.

Q9. So you told you have prepared for general knowledge right?
{Low pitch voice} “Yes sir” {aberration in heart rate levels}.

Q 10. Which gk news are you specialized in?
I keep reading about international and business news, and try to be updated .

Q11. Tell me some business news, and forgot sake don’t mention budget.
Talked about Australia’s new law about facebook and google , some cross questioning followed about who do you think is right, what is your take??etc

Q12.what stream you are looking upto ?

Q13.Are you following some marketing campaigns ??

Q14 . You can get to a leadership position in your company itself, why mba??

More or less every question was born out of those 30 seconds of my introduction.
Keeping your calm will help you drive the interview

Interview Experience 39

Background – Fresher from B.Tech C.S.E

Extempore topic – Is social media making you unsocial?

1. What is the difference between Science and Engineering?

2. What are the types of programming languages?

3. Properties of OOP

4. What is polymorphism?

5. So you have done your post graduation diploma in Data science? (Said yes)
So do you know about data structures? (Me – YES sir. Although in my mind they both are not at all related but okay)
They said – Explain!

6. Okay do you know about union budget 2021?
6.1.Who is the finance minister? Answered
6.2. What is MTRA? (don’t know)
6.3. Tell about CHIRAG in union budget 2021 (don’t know again)

7. Okay then, I will ask you really simple question
What’s our national anthem? (Told)
What’s our national song? (told)
What’s the difference between two? (blabbered into unknown, couldn’t give a concrete answer)

8. So what’s the duration of national anthem?

9. Show any one of your favourite extracurricular certificates.

P.S – Throughout the interview, they looked in a hurry. Don’t know why. And sir postfixed every answer of mine with a positive gesture. Panelists were quite welcoming but just the sir looked quite tired and just wanted to get finished with the interview asap.

Interview Experience 40

Female-40 male-55
Document check
Extempore-importance of autobiography n their learnings

1. Introduce yourself

2. Branch of eng

3. Type of bridges

4. Howrah n worli bridge type

5. Why West Bengal is call West Bengal

6. Do u think tcs working is like govt company

7. What is a govt owned company

8. What is private corporate

9. Upper house of loksabha

10. How members get elected

11. How members get renewed and nominated

12. How president is elected and contribution of mlc in president

13. Economy value of sundarban

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