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IIM Indore Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

IIM Indore Results Accepted

IIM Indore- For PGPM
Domestic Candidates (in India) – CAT
International Candidate (outside India) – GMAT (and TOEFL if the medium of study has not been English)
For FPM – Application-Based

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IIM Indore Admission Procedure

For the PGPM Programme
There are 2 stages that a candidate goes through before getting selected for IIM-Indore PGPM Programme.
1)The first stage is appearing for the CAT Exam conducted by the IIMs (GMAT for the international candidates).
2)On clearing the required cutoffs and the composite score, a candidate is called for
the Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). The candidate applying through GMAT must provide 3 letters of validation from people who know the candidate closely for academic and professional validation

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IIM Indore Eligibility And Selection Criteria For PGPM At IIM-I

IIM-I shortlists candidates on the basis of the CAT score, past academic performance, and other criteria mentioned below.
The minimum CAT percentiles required in order to be considered for an IIM-I call have been tabulated below:
Category General
Section I (QADI) Percentile-85
Section II (VALR) Percentile-85
Overall Percentile-90

The interview calls made to the candidates are based on the composite score. The Composite Score reflects the components of the CAT score, Class X and Class XII aggregate percentages, and gender diversity factor.
The composite score of a candidate is calculated on the basis of the table below. All the components have a particular weightage.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 1

A: WAT and PI were the two vital stages of the IIM Indore selection process. WAT was somewhat tricky with a question on précis writing and another asking about my opinion in a given situation where a choice was to be made between a family managed business and a professionally run organization.
PI probably was the most challenging part, with the interviewers asked extensively about my job profile and nature of work apart from a good amount of general knowledge. Work experience was somehow a difficult part to tackle questions ranging from basic programming concepts to industry quality standards and their constituents.
Overall, it was a mixed kind of interview which had its own high points and lows. I was hoping to convert with a good performance on almost all the measures which I later did.

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IIM-I Real Interview Experience 2

A: The WAT process for IIM Indore involved summarizing an article in a one-third word limit and was followed by essay writing. I had been practicing essays during my GD/WAT preparations and this helped me perform well in the WAT section.
Then follows the PI. Being a fresher, I was questioned thoroughly on my subjects. Professors checked every aspect of my personality through questions on general awareness, GK, current affairs, and my background. The interview was a great learning experience and helped me gauge myself better and identify areas of improvement.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 3

X: 81.4
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 78.8% Electronics and Communication Engg

Work-Ex: 33 months IT sector
NIL/Sector – Number of Years

CAT Score: 243(98.92%)

Time: 9:00 AM 6th April 2010

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Essay Topic: 

The diverse demography of India is unused unless the manufacturing sector booms. (Take a stance and develop the argument in about 200 words)
Wrote about the services & manufacturing sector composition and how we need a boom in many for double-digit growth. wrote ok types will give 6 out of 10.
Psychometric test: 44 ques and 5 min. Basic questions like are you talkative? Are u shy? Are u a leader? With options like strongly disagree, partly agree, neither agree neither disagree, partly agree, and strongly agree.
Then the panel said we will call you for the interview. They called people in the random order and I was the 3rd last to go.

P1: A Bearded Prof

P2: A Serious looking Prof
M: Me

P1 was not in the room when I entered.

P2: So Sumit Khanna From where are you?
M: Sir I am basically from Ludhiana but currently working with Infosys in Chandigarh

P2: So what have you written in the essay?
M: Explained the things that I wrote

P2: You say the services sector will saturate. How can you say so?
M: Sir I work in the IT sector and I have seen that the margins which were there some years back are not there and profits are decreasing.

P2: What is the contribution of the IT sector to the GDP
M: around 7% sir

P2: that is too less

P2: What else comes in services
M: Banking sector

P2: How do Banks earn money
M: explained the concept of interest on loans.

P2: ok what else in services
M: Insurance, hospitality

P2: So are the margins in the hospital sector lessening?
M: No idea sir

P2: You say people in different locations are suited better for a particular job
M: Yes sir as a person who lives near a coal mine will be better suited as he is a climatized with the environment there.
M: Also some people have inherent talent and that should be used for manufacturing like the handicraft industry in Kashmir is there.

P2: Define talent?
M: Talent is the characteristic of a person by which he can do a task better than normal.

P2: you have written that India moved from agricultural to services based industry missing manufacturing. Is it a natural transition agriàmanuàservices.
M: Yes sir as it is the case with China. I have read it somewhere

P2: What is the percentage of agriculture in the USA economy?
M: Sorry Sir

P2: In USA agriculture has more contribution than services, so there is no rule like this ok?
M: Yes Sir J
(Meanwhile P1 joins in)

P1: So Sumit you have worked in career launcher (was looking at my file)

M: yes Sir but it was only because I passed out in June and my Infosys joining was in November, that’s why.

P1: ok so tell me about your final year project
M: Told him about how we had developed a railway monitoring and tracking system, explained to him that.

P1: What was the component you used
M: 89c51 microcontroller sir

P1: Ok explain that
M: told what it is and the functions and the parts

P1: What kind of memory does uC have?
M: ROM, as well as RAM sir and there, is space for attaching external memory as well

P1: How many counters are there in uC/
M: 2 sir

P1: how many ways they can run
M: 8 bit, 13 bit, and dual-mode sir ( I think missed one here).

P1: What is ring counter
M: It is a counter in which after the last state it goes back to the first state, gave an example of the vehicle’s odometer here. JJ

P1: what is uP and different from uC
M: explained

P1: how does control happen in uC.
M: told control signals are there and there are address and data buses

P1: does uP has them?
M: Sir uP has an address and data bus but not sure about control signals

P1 looks at P2, he nods

P1: ok thanks
M: thanks sir

P2: So are these the posts from your blog ( I put the story at the end of the file)
M: yes Sir, I am writing a story and these are the few chapters and writing a college/school-based love story.

P2: you are proactive, normally people write after their MBA, Chetan Bhagat, and all.
M: Yes sir I had the idea after engineering and started writing now as was finalizing the plot.

P2: looking at my affidavit, So you didn’t get it on the stamp paper(was not on a stamp paper but on a plain paper with stamps)
M: Sir I went to the notary and he was not having the stamp paper one and said these govt stamps one will suffice. I argued with him but he said we make it daily and this will do, so that’s it, sir.

P1: ok, Thanks. You can leave now
M: thank you, Sir.

I hope this article helps you know more about the GD-PI process and enhances your preparations

Lastly, All the very best!

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 4

Date – 15th Feb
Time – 3:15 p.m.
Duration of interview- 12 minutes

Two panelist(were actually friendly)

P1- So you are a fresher in?
Me – told final year Engineering grad in Computer Science

P1- any placement offers?
Me- told about my placement offer.

P1- What are threads? What is multi threading
Me- Told but lagged in details.

P2- Difference between multi core systems and multi thread systems.
Me- Told

P1 finishes and P2 steps in

P2- Deep you must have heard about an issue regarding whatsapp in this year. What was that about?
Me – told about the privacy policies issue

P2- Okay we will give you a topic and you have to speak for 1.5-2 minutes. Topic is Unemployment
Me- Spoke

P2 and P1 together – Thanks! You can leave the meeting.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 5

2 panelists, both male, they were very friendly
Interview went around 15 to 20 minutes
10th – 87.17 RBSE
12th – 90.20 RBSE
Grad – 84.70 NIT Hamirpur, ECE Engineering
Work Ex – 18 months
Hometown – Kota, Rajasthan

Panelist -1
1. Tell something about yourself.

2. Who all are there in your family?

3. What are your hobbies?

4. Which newspaper do you read?

5. Editor of the newspaper of your hometown which you read?

6. Which pages do you study in the newspaper?

7. Can you tell 2 news that happened recently in foreign countries?
(Talked about US election and myanmar coup incident)

8. Who is the president of Myanmar?

9. Have you read about whatsapp policy ? What is going on with this ?

10. Google has been using our data since starting but when whatsapp is doing the same that too even after letting us know then why people are boycotting this? Why double standards ?

11. Who founded whatsapp?

Panelist – 2
1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. What is kota famous for?

3. Since you mentioned you like singing can you tell me how does your voice reach upto us? What is the procedure behind that ?

4. What is modulation and types of modulation?

5. What is zener diode , draw it’s characteristics curve?

6. What was your fav subject in graduation?(I said digital electronics)

7. Draw the nand gate and truth table for the same.

8. Any social issue which you follow?(I said women empowerment)

9. He gave me extempore topic for this one –
“Strong Women, Strong India”
I started speaking but he wasn’t quite satisfied then he changed the topic to “We need more women leaders”
I spoke few points, I think my extempore didn’t go that good.

10. Which coaching did you go for JEE preparation? (I think panelist 2 was from Kota only, he knew quite a lot about it.)

Okay that’s all. Thanks
Nothing from Work experience.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 6

11 months of work ex Civil engineer
2 male professors

P1: Tell me about yourself (mention 10th,12th, grad and hobbies)
A: Told

P2: what’s civil engineering called in hindi.
A: just said abhiyantriki, wasn’t able to recall the term for Civil

P1: when and why hindi diwas is celebrated
A: Answered

P1: how many languages are there as Rajbhasa
A: answered

P1: Stress vs strain graph
A: Answered

P1: units of x axis and y axis in the graph
A: fumbled but answered

P1: What’s Young’s modulus?
A: Answered

P1: what do you mean by grade of cement and what’s the unit
A: answered

P1: As a civil engineer, which is favourite monument?
A: i told taj mahal, idk why.

P1: Tajmahal is made up of marbles and they are temperature resistant. Tell me why
A: couldn’t answer

P2: so, you have mentioned that you like to travel, which places you have been?
A: answered

P2: Okay, so you mentioned kota, your extempore topic is ” social fabric of kota”
A: i was completely shocked and just mentioned why it’s famous , about kota stones, chambal and mentioned our current lok sabha speaker is from there (idk why I mentioned that)
I couldn’t speak for 90 secs

P2: so, give me an example of non linear function and it’s application.
A: Answered but fumbled in application part.

P2: how many roots are there for x^5.
A: answered

P2: why
A: didn’t answer
Okay, so we’re done here.
Do you have any questions for us.
Asked about utasah event focused on marketing as i do have a background in that.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 7

ECE (fresher)
Panel- 2 males(one in 30s other in 60s)

1. Have you completed your graduation, what did you do after your graduation

2. You would have studied about computer networks so in which layers are routers used

3. How do we route packets

4. Why do we use multi core processors

5. How is the main memory and virtual memory used in a operating system

6. If higher priority programs are very big where will they be stored

7. If a program is waiting for user input what will happen to remaining programs

8. Use of multicore processors again

9. Why do we use special processors like graphic processors or numeric processors

10. Extempore- Women empowerment
Why it is necessary and what are the socio economic benefits

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 8

1) introduction

2) define infinity and illustrate with a graph

3) difference between infinity and not defined

4) what is a imaginary number?

5) what are your hobbies?

6) can you name all the world champions of chess?

7) do you like to drive?

8) speak for two minutes about your district

9) why the farmers of haryana not participating actively in the protest?

10) extempore: farm laws

11) which state is called the bread basket of india?

12) questions on internship

13) do you have any questions for us?

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 9

Bcom h ,fresher

2 male panelists

Q.Tell me about yourself.

Q. Since you are kind person who help others , can you sacrifice your seat?

Q. How laws are made in India?

Q. Where does the bill introduced?

Q. Can bill be introduced in Rajyasabha?

Q. Can money bill be introduced in rajya sabha?

Q. Tell me about budget.

Q. What is suspense account and how it is treated?

Q. What is cycle account?

Q. Justify 3 +4=11

Q. Train takes 1 hr from indore to ujjain and after every 15 mins train departs from both ends.. then how many trains will I encounter from opposite end if I sit in train to Ujhain at 11:15 AM

Extempore topic
MBA is ruining the growth of the future by neglecting the importance of other field.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 10

2 male professors)

1. Asked me about my gap year.

2. Asked me about the subjects I studied in my graduation.

3. Asked 3-4 questions on that.

4. Asked a few logical questions.
If A implies B and related to that.

5. Asked about how to prove an argument using contradiction.
(Couldn’t exactly make them understand my logic)

6. Asked about Disha Ravi and whether she was right or wrong.

7. Extempore: Climate change is a myth( Didn’t allow me to complete saying they are running out of time)

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 11

2 panelist , both male

Started with good morning and all
P1 – So you are pursuing Economic hons , so you are right person to ask what is Consumer Surplus ?
Answered with example

P1 – what is Monopoly and monopolistic market ? Examples

P1 – inelastic demand , perfectly inelastic demand ? Example of perfectly inelastic demand ? And why we need it

P1 – example of oligopoly market.

P2 – some more economics questions and market examples

P2 – Talked about hobbies
Some badminton related questions and name of male badminton players

P2 – common thing between Gopichand and Prakash Padukone ?

P2 – Most prestigious badminton series ?

P2 – in which formula vaccine is based

P2 – talked about US election , why trump was against the results

No extempore , No intro , No HR (apart from Hobbies)
Chill type interview , they helped me in getting to some answers.

Time was around 13-14mins

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 12

Two Panelists (M1 – 45 years, M2 – 35 years)

M1: Good Morning X. So Tell Us about Yourself
X: Gave an well prepared answer

M1: Okay. You have done Graduation in Civil Engineering, Right?
X: (Not again, please) Yes, Sir

M1: So, you are from Sambalpur. Both here in Indore and Sambalpur, Hilly terrains are there. There are some provisions given in order to prevent hill slidings. What’s that?
X: Various methods luke barricades upto a great height are given

M1: How do you guys decide that?
X: by taking the hill condition, monsoon rainfall into consideration

M1: Fair enough. How do you guys decide about the depth of foundation in a building
X: Same by taking soil stability into consideration.

M1: Please Elaborate
X: Talked about various types of soil and respective required foundations

M1: okay. Do you know about recent developments in Surveying method
X: instead of traditional instruments modern theodolite are used

M1: Okay, that’s it from my side. Now my colleague will ask you some questions

M2: What was your college’s earlier name.
X: UCE, Burla Sir.

M2: Yeah Yeah, UCE burla. Its very near to IIM Sambalpur, right?
X: Yes Sir.

M2: So, you have done so much in Entrepreneurship Cell. Tell me something about Govt schemes
X: Startup India, Make in India, Digital India

M2: How can a student get benifits from those schemes.
X: Like in our institution one time grant for startups of amount X from Teqip Cell. Also there are some grants which are allocated to Entrepreneurship Cell, we provide minimal amounts to student startups also.

M2: okay. So you are aware of recent happenings in Myanmar.
X: Told everything about Myanmar Coup

M2: Okay. Do you aware of Arab … issue (was not aware at all)
X: Sorry Sir, Don’t know.

M2: No worries, its an incident of 3-4 years ago.

M2: Okay, So your extempore topic is “Democracy or Dictatorship, which one should be preferred?”
X: said in for of Democracy and why dictatorship is not preferable

M2: Okay, X. One last question off-air, You have calls from IIML and IIM I , which one will you choose?
X: Sir, I haven’t thought about this thing for now. But I have one odd friends in both the instructions, I will consult them after the results.

M2: Okay. So, Any questions for us.
X: Yes, sir. I am very curious about the incubator at IIM I. I heard a lot about that during my undergrads about its collaboration with IIMB and all. Whats that is all about.

M1: (came suddenly) You have friends here na, ask them. They are the suitable persons to inform you about the insiders. We will give the same info whats on website.
X: okay sir.

M2: Okay, X. Thank You for your time. You can log off.
X: Thank You Sir.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 13

March 22, 2021
P1 male 45+, P2 male 45+

1. Tell us about fantasy sports?

2. Is it legal in India? it seems illegal.

3. What is the business model?

4. It is creating addiction amongst users. Your views on the same.

5. Question on decimal to binary conversion.

1. Extempore topics: “AI is taking human jobs”.

2. Which states are due for election this year?

3. Which states have a communist party government?

4. Who is the current Minister of Railways and Commerce of India?

5. Who is the current Education Minister of India?

6. Who is the current Finance Minister of India?

All the best, you may leave.

IIM-I Real Interview Experience 14

24th March 2021
panelist 1(M – 45+) , panelist 2(F -40+)

Work ex

-Where do you work and what specifically is your job?

-What was you engineering branch?

-What are universal gates?

-Draw the XNOR gate with equation and truth table.

– What is an SR flipflop and JK flipflop? What is the difference between them?

– Convert 10.27 to octal equivalent.

– What are different types of antennas?

– What are passive elements?

-Why are the dish antennas in IIM INDORE facing the same direction?

-Tell me something about dhanbad.

– What is the coal capital of India?

-Which State has the highest Coal production?

– How many mines are there in Dhanbad, which is the biggest one?

– Do you follow news? Tell me two recent news.

– Extempore: Electric Vehicles in India

All the best, you may leave

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