IIM-CAP Personal Interview Experiences

IIM-CAP Personal Interview Experiences

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

Interview Experience 1

1.Questions related to worked (spent atleast 10mins, discussing about the competitors, strenghts and weaknesses, then a couple of follow-ups)

2. Difference between data mining and data analytics

3. Crops covered under MSP? (I didn’t know about a lot said a few)

4. Will AI remove the need of manual intervention? How will you secure the workforce working under the threats of AI?

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Interview Experience 2

1Male 1 Female
Very chill Interview
I’m Bcom fresher
Extempore: New education policy

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Lot of questions on academics

3. Explain business model of handicraft industry because I told I’m interested in art

4. Some concepts of finance

No Gk no grilling

Interview Experience 3

My meeting started , i was not asked to introduce myself i just said goodmorning sir and he greeted back and straight comes first questions!

1. You are working with xyz company?
A. I was working previously, currently i am not working

2. Your work experience influenced you for mba?
A. Gave an honest answer obviously a convincing one

3. There are two companies HUL and PNG what can HUL do better to promote their detergent sales over png?
A. Honestly i did not know much , but i thought from the point of view of a business which i would run, if suppose HUL were to be my own company, and the answer was still very convincing to them.

4. If there are 5 members in your team and 2 of them exit before the day of the meeting what will you do?
A. Simple answer, not let my motivation level drop and see to it that the motivation of others aswell do not drop , apart from that try if there is any scope to get those employees back , make the other half of the team motivated in such a way that each one delivers the best in their capacity and appreciate them ….etc…etc points.( i had to many things to talk about so i jst did not want to stop)

5. How many iim calls do you have ?

6. Do you read the news? Why are the farm laws in news?

We already finished up 15mins in this discussion, the senior most professors wanted to ask more but the other panelist alerted him about time and the interview was wrapped up on a positive note

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Interview Experience 4

15th Jan 2021
Metallurgy Student NIT

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. What’s your class Rank?

3. Tell me a bit about your Final Year Project?
Told about how no project alloted yet, then told about the project I had undergone in my internship and told about the project I will be allotted in a week as final year project.

4. What is Magnetic Flux?
Mentioned vaguely as number of magnetic field lines per unit area.

5. SI Unit?
Don’t remember

6. What is a function?
Asked if it is in relation to mathematics or Computer Science. Told the definition and explained practical usage

7. What is polymorphism?

8. Example?
Used the example of triangles.

9. Tell me the loop programming for a prime number?

10. Name 3 cabinet ministers in US of Indian Origin?
Kamala Harris and Dr. Vivek Murthy. Couldnt remember more. That cracked them up a bit.

11. Tell me three qualities a manager should not have as communication skills?

Thank you. You can now leave.

Interview Experience 5

1. Tell me about Yourself

2. E vehicles and current infrastructure in india

3. Chief of defense staff

4. How can you contribute being an electrical engineer to the management field

5. Game theory… explain it to a layman

6. Unique things about your hometown

7. Why MBA?

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Interview Experience 6

1. Asked me what is so special about my CV and me.

2. Opened my marksheet and started asking questions from any subject which caught his eyes.

3. Asked me about t-test, f-test, anova (bec I have a subject of statistics)

4. Why do you want to pursue MBA? (Whatever I said, they said everybody says the same. Are you enrolled in somecoaching institute, because you have same answer🥲)

5. What is a startup?

6. What idea do you have for a startup?

7. What do you want to learn in MBA?

8. Studied Indian economy?

9. How do we measure an economy?

10. What is GDP?

11. Fiscal deficit.

12. 3-4 points of budget.

One of the panelist was smiling throughout, other was scolding me no matter what I answer.

Interview Experience 7

Two panelists 1 M 1 F

F initiated the interview

F: So how has been your waiting time
Me : answered, some convo about it

F : Okay so which state you are from
Me: Punjab ( ofc farm bills followed, but before i could say anything about it, the question about what is grown in J& K followed)
Answered : Saffron and apple, some convo about it in which when asked about typical climate requirements, answered that i don’t know about it, she replied yeah it’s absolutely fine

Followed by which other calls do you have

Which 5 iim under cap you will like to target

Tell me what you know
Answered( Acads, my father’s business)

Questions followed about my business, margin, products, type and then why mba if you’re doing good in business

F says okay I’m done

M: Tell me about your acads
Answered (Favorite one- Principles of Marketing)

M: Difference between marketing and sales
Explained with example

M: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years

So okay we’re done, thankyou

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Interview Experience 8

Profile BE Computers Acads 80/63/66

Workek: 18 month in TCS

Q1: Tell me about yourself

Q2: Explain about Agile methodology

Q3: Case scenario, how will you clarify certain requirements with customer when you are using Aglie methodology

Q4: General quant question…. when 2 dice are throw find the probability of number 4 occurring twice

Q5: Question on certain certifications which i had done (Blockchain)

Q6: Why MBA

Q7: Current affairs 2 questions. Current situation of India vs england match

Q8: President of India

Over all experience was good!

Interview Experience 9


1) Tell me about yourself

2) are you into reading ( I said not much, because I rarely read books)

3)then they asked are you into GK

4) Deputy CM of Haryana

5) Minister of skill development and entrepreneurship

6) Your hobbies

7) What is design according to you. (I am from design background)
They started grilling me on every word I was saying, and went into depth in that only.

8) Which subject you would like to study in MBA.

9) 4Ps of marketing

Then they said thank you, it was nice talking to you

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Interview Experience 10

EWS Male 95.54 2+ yrs workex

Panelists F P1(30+) M P2(30+)

P1: Tell us about yourself

P1: Can you tell us more about your work ex (told)

P1: Why MBA?

P1: What are the main funding options for MSMEs nowadays?

P2: What are your thoughts on the OTT regulation. Should content be censored?

P2: Your graduation marks are very low. How will you compete with the peers at IIM?

P1: How many Indians have received Oscar? (Told 3 out of 5)

P1: Can you tell us about your family background?

P1: What do you know about the Amazon vs Reliance Future Deal? (Told, but could’ve added more to it)

Asked to leave. P1 was extremely chilled and P2 seemed not so interested, but overall a chilled out interview and no out of the box questions.

Interview Experience 11

Duration- Around 7-8 minutes-

1. Introduce yourself

2. Work Ex- Questions..
BS VI- How diesel vehicles are coping up with the norms

3. How come you landed up in Mechanical Industry (I am an electrical engineer)

4. How would you contribute to the society (Since I mentioned in intro)

5. How you handled projects in the college

6. Asked about Strength (In indirect manner)

7. GK

8. Hometown, when was it established

9. Grad. City

10. Recently, Why is Chanda Kocher in news ?

11. Do you really need to do MBA to contribute to society
(told them about curriculum, pedagogy….Diverse backgrounds peer learning problem identification)

12. Is transformer a electrical device or an electronic device (Stated Electrical-+ but I think it is both)

13. Why we use transformers?

Overall it was a good learning experience… (Chilled out interview)

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Interview Experience 12

3 years work ex at itc
P1 : Male, P2 : Female

P1 : Take a minute to introduce yourself ( background , interests )

P1. : Do you only write or publish

P1 : Any sport interests?

P1 : Do you follow cricket?

P2 : Tell about ITC?

P2 : Full form of ITC ?

P1 : various businesses of itc?

P2 : When is diversification done and how ?

P2 : what do you understand by diversification

P2 : An indian company which has started diversification

P1 : Do you read newspaper ?

P1 : Tell one indian and international news

P2 : What is preventive maintenance

P2 : Example of preventive maintenance

P2 : Why is preventive maintenance done

Interview Experience 13

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Remaining 70% on my workex(software engineer)

3. Which company, who was your clients, roles and responsibilities, what kindof problems so you manage, difference in P1,P2 problems. How do you categorize p1 and P2.

4. Challenging situations faced by you.

5. Why did you leave such a nice company

6. Remaining 30% – 3-4 questions on why finance, why equity research, career goals
That’s it

Interview Experience 14

Two panelists..both were friendly

Q:tell me about yourself

Q:what are the languages you learned in Btech(since I am a computer graduate).

Q:difference between c++ and java.

Q:what is portability?

Q:Name OSI layers.

Q:what is difference between compiler and interpreter.

Q:what is polymorphism?

Q:tell me your views on women empowerment.

Q:okay name a scheme on the same which was launched in 2015/2016.

Q:asked about work experience and what did you learn from it.

Q:what are your hobbies?

okay thankyou…you can leave.

Interview Experience 15

2 Panelists (Both Male) – 10-15 mins (Not sure)

1. Tell Us Something About Yourself

2. So you are a photographer, why did Kodak go out of business?

3. Any other examples of companies that suffered the same fate?

4. So you were in NSS? (No further questions)

5. Current Role?

6. How did you handle a crisis at your workplace?

7. What is the difference between ICE Vehicles and EV?

8. What do you in your free time? (No further questions)

9. What is the point of putting in so many cameras in phones? Does it make sense? Why have they still not replaced DSLRs?

10. Any questions from us?

Interview Experience 16

CAP panel 38 1 M(P1) , 1F(P2)

P1: please show us your I’d ( asked why I look different in photo)

P1: okay so tell me something about yourself (told)

P2: ok so how long have you been working?
Me : told

P2: okay tell me something that you do there and what you learned
Me : told

P1: okay so can you elaborate
Me : told

P1: can you name 3 BI tools?
Me : Told

Then P1 asked a bunch of questions regarding my workex but it was mostly interaction based
P1: How do you suggest on which data you store in cloud and which in on prem
Me : told

P1: do you want to tell something more about your work
Me : told

P1: okay so is your annual rating done?
Me : yes sir

P1: what is your managers feedback? Both positive negative
Me : told

P1: do you follow news?
Me : yes sir

P1: okay you follow epaper or hardcopy
Me: told

P1: okay what’s going on in international news
Me: told

P1: what’s going on in technology world
Me: told

P1: okay whats cryptocurrency
Me : told

P1: what is the technology behind it can you give some brief?
Me : told

P2: so tell me with what ever you have worked with how will MBA help you and what you want to do after it
Me : told

P1: hey what are your interest you where telling
Me: card making and swimming

P1: can you show something
Me : sir I don’t have hardcopy here can I show soft one?

P1: yes sure
Me : showed
P1 got impressed said nice. Then he told all the best nice to meet you and asked to leave.

It was a very chilled out interview, both were smiling and were equally polite and soft spoken.
Lasted for about 15-20 mins

Interview Experience 17

Male engineer 19 months workex(Infosys+TCS)

1. Describe your work role & responsibilities

2. What particular you handle

3. Why switch from technical domian to management

4. Why switch from Infosys to TCS

5. Why the project framework distrubuted in interface level

6. What is the one thing byou done that is valuable for your team

7. What actually your family business

8. What initiative you took for your business

9. What is strength and weakness

10. In 9 iims which IIM you choose and why?

11. What is Unicorn?(not been able to answer)

All the questions answered but I was stammering also told that stammering as weakness and prefer IIM is IIM bodhgaya

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Interview Experience 18

F1 – Male (45 years) F2 – Female (45 years)

F1- Introduce Yourself
Gave an well prepared answer

F1- How travelling to various places shaped you as a person
Gave the answer

F2- Tell me one such Leadership Opportunity of yourself
Gave the answer

F2- What is the current news that grabbed your attention
Farm laws

F2- Why it grabbed your attention
Gave the answer

F2- What do you think? Why farmers are protesting?
Gave the answer

Thank You X. Have a Good Day.

Interview Experience 19

2 Men seemed chilled out, I think from sambalpur.
5yr workex hotels aviation and FMCG

1. Introduce yourself?

2. Thoughts on Airbnb vs hotels?

3. What’s the full form of FMCG?

4. What do you thin about Low cost airlines

5. Oldest airline?

6. Flag carrier of Australia?

7. Flag carrier of Germany?

8. Flag carrier of Austria?

9. Flag carrier of Singapore?

10. Flag carrier of India?

11. What’s the logo on air India?

12. Do you know the story of Indian airline and air India?

13. What’s the capital of orisa?

14. Tell me more about orisa?

15. What’s the most important law for civil aviation?

16. What’s the full form of DGCA?

17. Aircraft of US Pres?

18. Aircraft of Indian Pm?

19. Chopper of US pres?

20. Do you read business news?

21. What’s CII?

22. Who’s the food processing Minister?

23. Who’s the aviation minister?

24. Who’s the tourism minister?

25. Area of circle ?

26. Volume of cone?

28. What’s imaginary number?

29. What’s complex number?

30. What’s LCM and HCF of 4 and 8?

31. Tell me about your extracurricular?

32. Why don’t you have a certificates for the same?

33. It was refreshing to meet you, all the best and wishing you the same!

Interview Experience 20

GEM Fresher – Mechanical Engg
Cat %ile – 99.25
Acad Profile – 95/92.4/82

P1 –
1. What’s your passion?

2. Give Eg.

3. What is formula racing? Why does it interest you?

4. Why is it not so famous in India?

5. What would you do to improve its awareness in India?

6. Why MBA?

7. Why don’t you go for a job after grad instead of MBA?

8. Further justification and cross questioning on the same

P2 –
1. Questions on competitions and extra curriculars

2. What did you learn from these experiences?

3. What is second law of thermo?

4. What is enthalpy?

5. Which MBA qualities does a 3 second F1 pitstop showcase?

6. Where do you see yourself in the future?

7. What kind of food tech startup would you wanna start?

Interview Experience 21

2 male panelists

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Who is the CEO of the company I am working

3. A basic question on computer coding

4. Graph of y=log x

5. Question on linear equations

6. What are Subsiadary and associate companies.

Interview Experience 22

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why MBA

3. Major projects ?

4. Why this project

5. Gave a case to implement my project
Did that

6. Hometown related question

7. What you did in free time

In the end they were quite satisfied with the interview, so was I.
Overall super chill interview and panelists were good too.
We talked for about 15 mins approx .

Interview Experience 23

Mechanical Engineering Fresher – Chilled Panel

1. Asked with who is the father of Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi ?

2. Father of Rahul Gandhi ?

3. What is Mohr Circle ?

4. Capital of Myanmar?

5. Glimpse on Big Data, Kryptocurrency, Bitcoin ?

6. Which mba would u like Specialized or General ?

7. No. of States in India ?

8. Expectations from B-School ?

9. What can ur peers learn from u ?

Interview Experience 24

14 months workex. Undegrad – EEE
Two profs

1. What calls did you get? (No tell me about yourself)

2. Which college and which stream?

3. Tell me the difference between electronics and communication.

4. Explain the difference between diode and transistor and mention the applications.

5. Defence minister and health minister.

6. Any extracurricular activities.

1. What is the integration of x^3?

2. What is a function and how do you check it?

3. How to find the maxima and minima?

4. Do you have any questions for us?

Now you can log off

Interview Experience 25

Background: 95.0/83.17/9.21 CSE
Software Engineer
Work ex: 19 months

P1 (male):
1. Tell us something which is not there in your CV?

2. What have been your favourite subjects?
(Let’s discuss some questions on data structures and DBMS)

3. What is the difference between trees and graphs?

4. What are ACID properties? Explain in detail?

5. Difference between Data integrity and data consistency?

6. Which all peaks you have trekked? (question coz of hobbies)

7. Tell us about the highest peaks in India? Where is Kudremukh located?

9. Number of States in India.

10. Puzzle problem (you have 100 coins, segregate them in 7 lots so that you can have each number)

P2 (male):
(Almost all the questions have been discussed from various backgrounds)
1. What is cryptocurrency?

2. How is the crypto price decided?

3. What do you do at your current company?

4. With the kind of package you are earning, do you think going for an MBA in current scenarios is a good idea as you might not get similar returns?

5. Which all IIMs do you have calls from?

Great, all the best for your future and other interviews.
Take care, bye.
Time: around 15 minutes

Interview Experience 26

GEM (93/90/6.75) 20 months workex (procurement and supply chain)

Two ladies, one male prof

1. Tell us about your work
(Detailed answer)

2. What do you mean by supply chain

3. Who are the people in a supply chain

1. I see you’re interested in data science

2. What do you know about python

3. How is it different from other languages

4. Why is it called python (Male laughs)

1. Name one company which uses spend management software

2. Why is spend management needed if ERP system is there

3. Don’t be nervous we won’t judge you, nahi pata toh boldo

4. Which company would use spend management software

You may leave. Total time 10 mins.

Interview Experience 27

Panelists – 1M,1F

– The female panelists told me that she was from same college as me

– why mba

– why not CA

– what all studied in corporate law

– what all studied in hrm

– tell about npv

– my hobbies ( painting and dancing)

– famous indian painters

– famous Kathak dancers

– Italian Prime Minister

– Mudras of kathak

Interview Experience 28

There were 2 panelists, both male.

1) introduce yourself

2) my qualification

3) why m.com

4) questions related to commerce background(if anybody want to know the question, dm me)

5)if i give you a no. How will u check whether it is a prime no. Or not.

6)what are prime no.s

7) why my marks decreased in grad and in m.com.

8) why mba

9) why i started taking care of street dogs(my hobby)

Interview Experience 29

1. Tell me a bit about yourself

2. Grilled me on my poor scores

3. Asked why MBA is the right path for you? Why don’t you go and do a Master’s.

4. How will you cope up here?

5. Why MBA? What is your USP? Which employer from campus you want to work with?

6. What are your thoughts on TikTok ban?

7. Explain your role in your work ex?

8. What are the disadvantages of your sector?

9. How the current food aggregator app have helped your sector?

10. Who is the Defence minister of India?

Interview Experience 30

Two panelists 1st Male 40s 2nd Female 40s

F- Asked about temp of Delhi

F- Asked to take care about myself

M- Started with relationship of Freq, amplitude and speed of light

F- why were my marks in 2nd semester low (explained)

F- Any Recent News about Delhi( mentioned about Disha Ravi and Farmers protest)

F- You said you have interest in Cricket. Asked about Chinaman bowling( Gave ex of Kuldeep Yadav, but wasn’t able to answer the originaton of Chinaman bowling). They tried to confuse me on relating it to china

F- what is Kelvin

M- Top 3 IIMs in Cap( tongue slipped and mentioned Vishakapatnam) he corrected me

M- No. OF IIMs in India, CaP IIMs no. And names

M- Which other calls do you have

F- what is Kalkaji famous for (I live in Kalkaji)

M- Niti Ayog and Sensex
Male panelist was continuously trying to confuse me as much as he could
Female one was quite chill

Interview Experience 31

1)what are you doing nowadays?

2) introduction

Few maths questions
3) solve a!+b!+c!= 100a+10b+c

4) diffrentiate x^x

5) integrate x logx

6) what do you do in free time (mentioned chess)?

7) how many squares of all parameter are there in a chess board?

8) support it’s a 3d chess board like a cube how many cubes of different parameters it has now?

9) what are you achievements?

10) tell us about ur college

11) what do you like to read?

Interview Experience 32

2 Panelists (P1–>m40+ , P2 – – >m50+)

P1: Tell me something about yourself.

P1: What is data governance.

P1: Tell me a use case you have implement for you customer.

P1: Any subjects from graduation you remember. (I answered Data structures and source code and estimation theory)

P1: What is source code.

P1: What are analog and digital signals

P1: Name a scenario where analog signal is still used.

Done handed over to P2.

P2: What are your interests?

P2: How many hours of NGO work you did last year.

P2: What else apart from NGO work.(I was part of college basketball team)

P2: What all level you have played the sport.

P2: what have you read in recent business news.

P2: Done, thanks for your time.

Overall: time 10-12 mins. They seemed to be in a bit of hurry and seemed they needed exact pinpoint answers and no background to it. Apart from that they were easy going.

Interview Experience 33

Interview time-15min 2 male panelists said we wont ask why mba q and those kind of questions since u might have already prepared so

1. Tell us about your work ex-(domain ML/AI)

2. In what fields are ML applied?

3. How face recognition lock works in phone?

4. What is activation function in neural networks?

5. An Indian lady recently is placed at powerful position outside India. Who is she?-Kamala Harris

6. Why is she in news?-Meena Harris

7. For how many days are farm protests going on?(exact no of days)

8. Due to which party(govt or farmers) is the resolution of farm protest not out yet.

9. Do u think it is right to protest for repealing any law you dont like?

10. Tell us about an aircraft recently inducted in Airforce? Details on it-Rafale deal and its manufacturers

11. Recently PM presented a bweapon to our army. Name it-Arjuna Tank

12. Yesterday a space phenomenon took place. What was it?-Dont know

13.Nation Education Policy.

14. If we offer you all 9iims which will you choose? and why?

Interview Experience 34

BBA (Finance and Accounting)

Panel: 2 Male, Early 50s
(South India Most Probably)

P1: Introduce yourself
Da da da da……. (In between P1: Arrey great! , seems like he was a dog lover)

P1: We appreciate what you’re doing to contribute to the society. How will you help an organisation contribute to the environment?
Explained a business plan that I had in mind

P1; What are financial statements?

P1: If we have this then why do we need Cost and Management accounting?
Tried to explain….I mixed up thing, I misunderstood the question
Had little discussion on this then he said it’s alright
(Point cut on this part for sure 🤣)

P1: So you had Corporate Tax Planning in your course….That includes Income Tax too, right?
I smiled innocently 🤣

P1: If you want me to change the subject then I can do that, you’ve that liberty
Me in my mind : “That’s what she said” 🤣
Sir, you can go for Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

P1: Multiple question on the subject
Tried my best to answer, I think I did fine. Little up and down but okay.

P1: Can you tell me the meaning of “Muchas Gracias”
“Thankyou so much”

P1: Can you introduce yourself in Spanish?
Spoke and then told the meaning 🤣 (Very short)
(I had Spanish as a subject)

P1: Okay that’s it from my side Jatin

P2: How comfortable are you with Mathematics?
Told them I’m pretty comfortable if I’m practicing regularly

P2: When is LCM = HCF?
Me in mind : Okay, not so comfortable afterall
It didn’t hit me at that time
I said sorry I can’t recall…..

P2: It’s okay, name the neighbouring countries of India

P2: Which all states share boundary with Pakistan?

P2: There’s one more
*Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma Flashed*
Sir, Gujrat

P2: Okay, I’m done now.
You can leave 🙂

Interview Experience 35

CSE background

1. Tell me about yourself in 5 sentences
So then i told about my hobby abt throwball and painting

1. Tell me few folk arts in india

2. 5 women ceo

3. 5 politicians

4. Then they asked about my final year project paper which I had published in international journal

5. Deputy president

1. Budget 2021

2. Asked me about semiconductors

3. Relation between semiconductors

Interview Experience 36

1. Tell me about yourself

2. As you studied communication skills, give me barriers of Communication ( College: 1st Year Subject)

3. Take a stand on (in favour/ against) the people writing stuffs on Internet but getting jailed under UAPA and other acts. I think, Madam was checking me how I speak on PREP (Point Reason Example Point)😅

Then came Sir:
4. Why MBA, Why just after BTECH only.

5. Why don’t you take experience instead of MBA?

6. Which company would you choose TATA vs Reliance if they are giving same profile Job with a logic?

7. How do you define a good company, every company follows Govt. Rules

8. I said how they treat employees, charity…bla bla bla
At the end I said something like it should be value based

9. What do you mean by value?

10. If You are a businessman, got an opportunity to open a company – which one would you go for Profits or Welfare to society

11. Don’t you think welfare will eat away Profits

In short asking me more where I stopped with the word

Interview Experience 37

ECE Fresher

1. What are you doing right now

2. Why didn’t you join your job
(Cross questioning on this)

3. Why MBA

5. Difference between electrical and electronics

5. Difference between ceiling fan and table fan

6. Which language did you study

7. Difference between C and C++

8. What is polymorphism

9. Example of polymorphism

10. What is your hometown famous for

11. What are the problems faced by marathwada

12. If you are the CM of maharashtra, what will you do for the marathwada region

13. Recently why were Sachin tendulkar and Lata mangeshkar in the news

14. Who is the Home minister of maharashtra 16. Who is the governor of maharashtra

15. What are your hobbies

16. Can you recite few lines of your poetry

17. Who is your favorite poet

18. Do you want to become like her

19. How are you as a leader

20. What is your take on Indian Economy

21. Why is the budget always in deficit

22. If there is deficit, revenues are more or expenditures.

23. What do we do to increase the revenues

24. Who is the governor of RBI

25. What are the functions of the governor

26. How many States are there in India

27. How many Union territories

28. What are the new union territories added

Interview Experience 38

P1( around 50s) P2( around 40s)

P1- okay so Aman, you are an electrical engineer, tell me how a grid fails (gave a specific condition of whole nation turning the grid off at once).
We had a little discussion on this, he cornered me after applying 3-4 conditions.
I had to say “sorry, I don’t know”
He mocked me by saying, “God, you are an electrical engineer”.
Then he said “okay don’t worry.”

P1- tell me how do they transmit broadband internet facility with help of transmission wires.
I said, there are two thin telephone wires on the same tower of transmission wires.
He said it’s not telephone wires, it’s called something else (he didn’t seem to recall)
He left this topic here itself.

P1- so you are from Madhya Pradesh, tell me one thing you’d like to change
I said there should be more solar farms
He said what is your plan for the same
I said government should incentivise use of personal solar panels and get people to set their own solar power plants at home itself.
He was convinced.

Handed me to P2
P2- Aman, tell me some freedom fighter from Madhya Pradesh.
I couldn’t recollect, so said “I can’t recollect at the moment, I am sorry”
He said it’s okay

P2- Tell me Aman, why MBA?
I gave him my answer, he was convinced by it( no follow up questions)

P2- which sector employs most of MP
I said agriculture

We had talks on farm laws, their pros and cons and further any prospective solutions
He asked if I know agriculture value chain
I didn’t know so I apologised for the same.
He said it’s okay

P1- tell me Aman, one thing from engineering which you will bring to management
I asked his permission to share a little incident from my college, he agreed
I told him the story and said the thing was curiosity
He seemed convinced and a little impressed

Then they wished me all the best and asked me to log off
I thanked them and left

Interview Experience 39

IIM CAP experience:
10th/12th/grad(CSE) – 90/94.1/79.8
2 male panelists- M1,M2.

M1- asked my CAT id and 10,12,grad scores

M1: good good.
Not many extra curriculars he murmured .(i was kinda shocked i had a bungee diving certification a scuba diving certification, google student ambassador program etc.which i had certificates for..And i had a lot to speak about paintings i sold in art galleries and band performances)

M1: you’ve done grad in CSE right?
Me:i said yes sir..and also a lot of extracurriculars i can talk about as well sir.

M1:smiled and said thats ok!

M1: tell me about digital divide..( i couldn’t hear divide.)
Me:Told about digital tech.

M1: No, im not satisfied.
Then asked how do you think this has widened inequalities. Which is when i relaized he asked divide..i said the whole history of the digital divide in covid terms with some percentages..(also added that i wanted to give this interview in the traditional way and not digitally).

M1: good good!

M1: said what do you think when so many people dont have broadband access. I am against this digital thing..what is your opinion..
Me: said abhi infrastructure utna hai na..policies aarahe hai.. it will get better and i belive it should be the way forward..
Seemed satisfied..said good good! And moved to next panelist..

M2: why mba after 3 years intech field.
Me: here i plugged in all the extra cirriculars..it is not with just technical background sir.. i had experience selling hyper realistic paintings. NGO’s i was part of clubs ive been part of.. over all these journeys I garnered interest for mba..and gave stock,well prepared answer of why MBA.

M2: ok you’re from Hyderabad right? On the outer ring road what is the tech they use to capture your vehicle speed?
Me: (wasn’t sure of the exact tech so tried to manage)..
Sir it has to do with the similar tech that we use in cricket sir. While bowling at the release point we capture the image and determine the speed at which it is being bowled..the same we use here on roads with the help of cameras..(he seemed satisfied ).

M2: what do you think is the economic importance of outer ring road.
Me: gave a well prepared answer as to how road infra sector would provide jobs and would have a multiplicative effect on the GDP.

M2: good good! Tell me about HITECH CITY.. how does it provide employment (it’s an IT hub in Hyderabad)
Me: said in detail it’s and IT hub. Just my company houses about 3000 people sir.. if we extrapolate and see with so many offices. This place provides employment opportunities for a lot of people.

M2: what about the rural people then? Isn’t HITECH CITY providing employment only to the educated?
Me: no sir, rural people can be involved in transport facilities and security services, if given some training prior to their joining!

M2:ok ok! If i were to come from delhi.. tell me the places you would suggest for me to see.
Me: told then 4-5 places.. cuisines and hospitality of people here.(he seemed satisfied!)

M1,M2: ok Abbhilash! Good! Wish you all the best! You can leave.

P.S: make sure you here things properly and be confident of whatever you speak!
Panelists were calm and smiling all the while!.
Overall a good experience!

Interview Experience 40

Economics Grad

1. Game theory .

2. Zero sum game .

3. MinMax strategy .

4. Prisoners dilemma.

5. Linear regression model .

6. Hypotheses testing and how is it done .

7. Relationship between Elasticity and total revenue .

8. What is oligopoly .

9. Give examples .

10. Duopoly .

11. Explain characteristics of both the markets .

12. Why is there non price competition in oligopoly.

13. Characteristics of non price competition.

14. Types of oligopoly .

15. Location and time based discrimination .

16. How do you make a histogram.

17. Does it include discrete or continuous data when plotting.

18. What is bullish and bearish in stock markets.

19. Stock indexes of Japan and USA

20. Peculiar characteristics of pie chart and compare it with histogram .
And done .

Interview Experience 41

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. Mango production (Que from my intro)

3. Farm laws (Due to my farming background)

4. L&T construction work profile (my company)

5. Why MBA

6. Why MBA After MTech from IIT

7. Why MBA after only 5-6 months experience

8. Why IIM Ahmedabad

9. Farming festivals in India

10. I am from Navodaya Vidyalaya.. So why only elite institutions such as Navodaya got the funding from Central Government.

11. Caste issues in Ahmednagar (my district)

12. What type of education is required to build the future of farmers

13. Engineers are going for management studies.. good or bad.. and why

Interview Experience 42

1.abt my work ex

2.why mba if u r dng well in ur coorporate sector

3.strengths and question on it and ethics of company. If every one is ethical thn why scams happen in company .

4.capital of haryana,goa,sikkim

5. Five languages in south.

6.whom do chandigarh police report to.

7.de morgon law (can’t answer tht).

8.squares and rectangles in chess board.

2 panelist one guy is from quite cool and othr one is rapid in questions.

Interview Experience 43

Background- GEM Fresher (Computer Science)

1. Why MBA without Work ex?

2. What’s your backup plan?

3. Hobbies
Me- Football, Volleyball and Reading

4. Which book have you read recently?
Me- Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

5. Name of Harry’s parents.

6. Main viliian in Harry potter.

7. Real name of Lord Voldemort.

8. Middle name of Hermione.

9. Any other books you have read.
Me- A Kite Runner and told some others as well.

10. Major take back from A Kite Runner.

11. First microprocessor.
Me- Don’t know

12. What are multidimensional array?

13. Different algorithms.

14. Indians who have won nobel prize.

Interview Experience 44

2 panelists


1.Started off with grilling with about the diverse background and why a shift again.
– Stood my ground firmly and they didn’t cross question me any further.
Basically a Why MBA but twisted it to create stress.

2. Went ahead and asked about the specialization I had in mind and why.
– Gave a balanced answer considering I’m a fresher and do not possess in-depth knowledge but keen on marketing.

3.Played around with marketing and tried to demean it to an extent when I brought sales into the picture which helps them to close the leads.

4. Started confusing me about who does the lead generation.

5. Asked me to give 4 point of differentiation between B2B and B2C.
– I managed to give 3 and said I couldn’t think of another right away at this point.(Didn’t say anything or cross questioned)

6. Asked me about inductive and deductive logic and which one is top down and bottom up.

7. Asked me about empiricism and rationalism.
– Answered one properly.
Messed up with another, couldn’t articulate exactly.

8. Asked me about existentialism.
– Related to the current generation and marketing in terms of consumer behavior.

9. Asked me about Media ethics.
I flustered initially but gave a few points.Talked about yellow journalism and also how journalists are being called terrorists under UAPA or sedition charges.

10. Asked me about NEP.
Gave 3-4 points and didn’t delve any further.

Both the panelists were almost asking question simultaneously so didn’t keep a track of who was asking what.
That’s all.

Interview Experience 45

Two panelists
1st Male 40s 2nd Female 40s

F- Asked about temp of Delhi

F- Asked to take care about myself

M- Started with relationship of Freq, amplitude and speed of light

F- why were my marks in 2nd semester low (explained)

F- Any Recent News about Delhi( mentioned about Disha Ravi and Farmers protest)

F- You said you have interest in Cricket. Asked about Chinaman bowling
( Gave ex of Kuldeep Yadav, but wasn’t able to answer the originaton of Chinaman bowling). They tried to confuse me on relating it to china

F- what is Kelvin

M- Top 3 IIMs in Cap( tongue slipped and mentioned Vishakapatnam) he corrected me

M- No. OF IIMs in India, CaP IIMs no. And names

M- Which other calls do you have

F- what is Kalkaji famous for (I live in Kalkaji)

M- Niti Ayog and Sensex
Male panelist was continuously trying to confuse me as much as he could
Female one was quite chill

Interview Experience 46

1) Tell me something about yourself

2) your cat percentile

3) what other calls you have

4) you dont have calls from ILK, why?

5) Major ports of Gujarat

6) GIFT city?

7) why it was build

8) Leaders of Opposition in Gujarat

9) Which party Shankar singh vaghela was earlier

10) What is your pan card number

11) where the data is stored of pan card

12) which ministry

Thats it from our side
Very random Interview – 7 8 minutes

Interview Experience 47

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. Internship related

3. valuation method in detail

4. City description in detail

5. speciality,religion,river origination

6. 3 companies to work with ceo names

7. what are mutual funds

8. current 3 stocks to pick

9. private company which valuation to use

10. do mutual funds only invest in equity? where else do they invest

11. how will mba enhance your knowledge

barely went for 6-7minutes
panelist were rushing through the questions

Interview Experience 48

F (early 30s) M (late 30s)

F: So you have played basketball what’s your height?

F: What 3 things have you learned from basketball in life

F: Where did you do your bba from?

F: Law of diminishing marginal utility?

F: apply on which goods?

F: giffen goods?

F: contribution of adam something
Didnt know

F: any fav subjects?

F: What were your subjects in last semester?

F: Porter’s 5 forces model?

F: what regions come under ncr?

F: number of lines in metro?
Asked if i can count. She told me to name all of them

F: 2 famous places to organise protest in delhi

M: What did you do after graduating?

M: Plans after completing mba?

M: did you study accounting and finance? Which one is your fav
Told that I don’t have a fav but i know the basics from both

M: what comes in a balance sheet?

M: what comes under cash flow statements?

M: diff bw marketing and selling

M: which marketing book you followed in college?

M: any other famous names in marketing other than kotler?

M: what is one china policy?
Didnt know

M: what do you know about future group?

M: owner of future group?
Mispronounced the last name.

M: famous future groups outlet.

You may leave now.

V chill panelists. 10-15 minutes

Interview Experience 49

English(H) Grad
Workex SBI PO( 22 months)

1.Meaning of Name

2.Introduce Yourself

3. Which books you have read

4. it has tragic ending so why did you like it.

5.You indentify yourslf with which character in the book

6. You are already in a respectable post in a secure job with good money..so why MBA

7 Do you think bookish knowledge is better than experience?

8 . How did you convince your parents that you are leaving this job for higher studies.

9. Tell me about your hometown

10. You are an martial artist.. so how is your martial art different from Karate.

11. Did you think of doin executive MBA?

Interview Experience 50

Profile: B.a hons Economics, fresher

Q1: introduce yourself, Family background

Q2: why mba, why not get some experience first

Q3: what is leadership
Difference b/w manager and leader

Q4. Gdp of india

Q5. Which two vaccines are approved in india and who manufactured

Q6. Who is esther dufflo

Q7. How would you justify your low grad marks

Q8. Rigorous iim course, how do we know you won’t slack off

Q9. Which is your most important certificate

Interview Experience 51

Profile CAT:98.45 GEM ECE Workex 20 months.

Q1. Tell me something About Yourself.

Q2. Where do you Work?

Q3. Where is the company headquartered?

Q4. What products does it Sell.

Q5. What is the turnover?

Q6. What is the Product that contributes to maximum turnover?

Q7. Ok how do you gather requirements?

Q8. Who are your End Customers?

Q9. Why did your company choose B2B rather than B2C?

Q10. Who are your competitors?

Q11. Who are your Local Competitors?

Q12. What is the market share of IP Cameras and what Market share do you acquire?
Answered but wrong percentage calculation. Panelist corrected me.

Q13. How do you provide internet to IP Cameras.

Q14. Why do you require Cameras in Banking Industry.

Q15. Does your role involve the business side only or Technical Side to?
I said I don’t do coding but know how each and every component effects the entire design as a whole with some examples.

Q16. Why do you want to do an MBA you are doing pretty good in your Company?
Answered that Product Management as a Domain is diversified and How I have worked in an IT domain product Management. The diversification of knowledge that we get in B school can help me diversify my opportunities too.

Q17. How do you think is startup culture doing in India?
Spoke about it being on a high as recent tax deference given by central government in tax, Aatmanirbhar Bharat and PLI Scheme.

Q18. Name 5 women in important positions
Could answer only 3.

Q19. Have you done any extracurricular work apart from Academics.

Q20. Strengths

Q21. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 6 years.
Answered want to lead a team of Associate Product Managers and whatever Knowledge that I have acquired in an IIM propogate the same.

Q22. What is your CAT percentile and your Attempt?

Interview Experience 52

2 Females and 1 Male
All in their 40s

F1- Introduce yourself

F1- Asked about my bachelor’s degree.

F1- Asked some questions related to course.

F1- Asked about GitHub and it’s acquisition

F1- Asked about My LinkedIn profile

F1- Asked about Twitter and it’s Controversy

F1- Asked about lady CFO of Twitter

F2- Asked about my hobbies

F2- Asked about books I have read

M1- Asked about difference between writings of different poets.

M1- Asked about 3 companies acquired by Mukesh Ambani

M1- Asked about Elon musk and AI

M1- Asked to solve a question
Question was- there are 4 people and 1 torch ….they have to cross a bridge but at a time only 2 person can go and they will require torch …and each person takes different time to reach the other side…what is the shortest time taken to cross the bridge by all 4 people.

Interview Experience 53

Accounting and Finance fresher

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why accounting and finance

3. Why not CA

4. Why mba better than CA

5. What is difference between accounting profit and economic profit

6. What is opportunity cost

7. What is sunk cost

8. Is advertisement a sunk cost? R & D ?

9. Is R & D accountable in India? In US?

10. Do you watch OTT series? Did u watch Harshad Mehta scam series? Handed to P2

11. Where did Bharatnatyam originate from

12. What are other classical dance forms other thanby Bharatnatyam

12. Difference between kathakali and Bharatnatyam

13. Some famous Bharatnatyam dancers

Interview Experience 54

CAP experience
BE in CSE with 29 workex
Panelists : 1M 1F

F started:
1. How are you doing?

2. Tell me about yourself?

3. Why MBA?

4. Doing an MBA don’t you think you will be missing out on experience?

5. Role model from business world and why?

Switched to M:
1. Since I was from cse he asked about my fav subject.

2. What is diff between supervised and unsupervised learning?

3. Steps involved during initial stages of data warehousing?

4. K means clustering?

5. Hard and soft cluster?

6. Which female indian athelete you follow?

7. Recent fdi to invest in india?

8. I said Tesla.

9. Ceo of Tesla?

10. Have you read any books or articles about him?

11. U said in ur intro that you did some social activity can you elaborate?

Overall they were friendly and even if you couldn’t answer some questions then they were ok with it.

Interview Experience 55

Cat – 96.4 %ile
Profile 8/8/9
Workex 8 months
2 panelists both male – 30 to 40 yrs

Q1) what special prep have you done for this interview

Q2) tell 10 major news events happening outside our country

Q3) Fav subject from grad? – he didn’t know anything from it so asked second fav subject 😂

Q4) what kind of os is used in grid computing?

Q5) example of such os?

Q6) is Hadoop an os or a tool?

Q7) is environment same as operating system, or are they different?

Q8) panelist 2 – what are user stories? (Workex)

Q9) IT companies wfh benefits

Q10) Last question – do you know what’s happening with general motors? (Didn’t know)

Interview Experience 56


Q1. Where are your ancestors from?

Q2. Why the name Punjab?

Q3. Of those 5 reviews, which ones flow through Pakistan?

Q4. What are tha major principles of architecture?

Q5. What was all the fuss about IIM Ahmedabad building?

Q6. Who were the architects?

Q7. Tell me one best thing about you apart from your strengths

Q8. 5 learnings from your internship?

Q9. Why MBA? Why not Project Management?

Q10. 2 reasons why should we select you?

Interview Experience 57

General, female, commerce with 20 months experience at GS

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Meaning of name

3. Rules of accounting, follow up question

4. Questions on operating surplus

5. Questions on hobbies

6. Questions about my work experience, questions about the company

7. Role model from work and what about them inspires you

8. 10 year plan and follow up

They seemed to be in a massive hurry to finish up

Interview Experience 58

Engineering, ECE
Workex Educational Sector( 18 months,Family Business )
IT Sector(15 months)
2 Male panelists

1.)Introduce Yourself

2.)Why did you switch from IT to Education Sector.

3.)Why do you want to work for anyone else when you can work for your own company.

4.)So you think working for others is better than working in your family business.

5.)Tell me more about your college.

6.)What are the courses offered in your college

7.)Asked me about affliation related details

8.) Primary Education privatisation,advantages and disadvantages. 3 points each.

9.)What should be changed in govt.Schools to improve the quality and number of students,3 points

10.)National Educational Policy, 3points

11.)Technology will wipe out most of the current jobs in 20-30 years from now. If you would suggest to the next generation about which course they should take it to cope up with the Industry.

12.)How do you suggest AI will affect History studying students.
It started of smoothly but they grilled a little on my work experience I turned it around when general topics started.
Overall it went okayish.

Interview Experience 59

B.com graduate
Cat percentile- 94.65

1) tell us something about yourself

2) why are attrition rates so high for icici bank

3) tell us about your ngo (discussion on it)

4) what were your favourite subjects during graduation

5) what is positioning
Cross questioning on that

6) tell us about your family

7) what other calls do you have

8) rank them

9) southern states of india
(Missed Telangana here)

Interview Experience 60

CSE Engineer, 8 month workex

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What did you study in CSE

3. Which national level thing you won

4. Which Data Structures did you study

5. Explain Stacks and Queues

6. Give real life example concerning stacks and queues

7. Where is FIFO and LIFO used in industry

8. Important points about budget

9. How many degrees does and hour and minute hand complete in a minute

Interview Experience 61

1. Cse engineer, fresher

2. Where are you from? have you visited campus of IIM Udaipur?

3. What does your father and mother does?

4. Do you have any siblings? What do they do?

5. Why MBA?

6. How can you make your father’s business digitally present everywhere?

Thank you it was nice to meet you.

Interview Experience 62

Fresher, Maths hons.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why MBA

3. Cross product and dot product

4. Significance of hyperbola and ellipse

5. What do you do in free time

6. Differentiate between good fat and bad fat

7. What about vegetable oil, is it good fat?

8. 5 international fashion brands

9. What kind of clothes does ZARA designs

10. Head quarter of gucci and prada

Interview Experience 63

ECE fresher
1. Meaning of your name

2. Are you actually valuable?(meaning of my name is gold)

3. discussed about scooty accident that happened a month back

4. What are your hobbies

5. Difference between transistor and diode

6. Difference in their applications

7. What is an oligopoly market(couldn’t answer this)

8. Why MBA as a fresher

9. Some positive news that you have read in newspaper recently

10. Economic reforms Government has taken to revive the economy post pandemic

11. What is Demand?

12. GDP growth rate of West Bengal

13. Some famous personalities from Bengal and their contribution

14. Gender diversity situation in WB

15. Some economic reforms you want to suggest to the WB govt.?

Answered all questions except the market mentioned, couldn’t frame some answers as well as I would have liked to, maybe panicked a bit

Interview Experience 64

B. Arch , 11 months work ex in Blockchain startup:

P1(M- Early 30s):
1. Introduce Yourself?

2. Will you be able to do MBA due to its variety of courses?

3. Name Indian Chess players?

4. What is Blockchain in layman’s terms?

5. Why quit job?

P2(M-Late 40s) :
1. Objective of Blockchain?

2. Explain the live project?

3. Plan B, if no B-school?

4. Successful Indian Startups?

5. Venture Capital? Unicorn?

6. Finance Minister of India?

7. Key takeaways from Budget?

I did not know Unicorn

Interview Experience 65

Btech CSE, 31 months experience as web developer

Panel 1(M)
1. Basic info about extra curricular activities.

2. What subjects in graduation?

3. Questions on machine learning – decision tree

4. Logistic regression?

5. Genetic Algorithm related questions ( Asked because I mentioned it )

6. Why MBA?

Panel2 (F)

Key highlights of budget

Interview Experience 66

P1 what does your name means?

P1 whats the difference between 22k gold and 24 k gold .

P1: introduce yourself

P1: what is your favourite subject
Told marketing

P1: why

P1 what is skimming pricing

P1 give examples

P1 tell different types of classical dance
Told( i am a classical dancer)

P1 :is folk dance different from classical dance

P1 what is reconciliation balance sheet
Told but got a bit confused

P2 we see a lot of women exploitation cases filled but only few of them are actually being punished. Why

P2 being a girl did you face any problem in pursuing mba

P2 other than safety concerns. On general note.
Gave the answer

My network got disturbed. I rejoined , he said he could hear my answer , he was happ( bas beech m hi ruk gye pura ni bola ab ptani )

Anyways. Thank you you can leave

Interview Experience 67

1. Where are you?

2. Companies are saving a lot in this time?
(We who have children face a lot of issues)

3. Career Goals

4. Which all calls

5. Why not ABC

6. Why in decision making role but not in decision taking

7. Why not MBA in ISB (told about my AVP)

8. When will we talk about Men Empowerment?

9. Why need to make everyone equal.

10. Do u cook

11. Diff between Degi Mirch and Kashmiri Mirch

12. Famous things about Patiala

13. Asked about Patiala Peg and I shared an anecdote related to it on why it’s called so?

14. Symbol of Yo and why its Yo?

Best of Luck
Nice talking to you

Very Very Chill
Both panelists and Me were laughing thoroughout the interview

Interview Experience 68


1. Tell me about yourself

2. ABC costing

3. Inventory management tools

4. difference between monetary and fiscal policy and its importance in the economy

5. Digital Marketing

6. what is Augmented and Virtual Reality

7. Search Engine optimisation

8. companies having online and offline presence

1. How many PM after independence

2. who is PV Narasimha Rao

3. who is Medha Pathak

4. Narmada Bachao Andolan

Interview Experience 69

Both were pretty old

Male panelist asked the following questions
1.Tell me about yourself?

2.what is turing machine?

3.What is blockchain?

4.Why Mba?Why not switch your job?

5.Since i was from mumbai he asked why do you think covid cases increasing in your state?

Female panelist asked the following
1. Again she stressed on why MBA ?She said you can easily find a management level job and learn

2.How many hours do you think it is necessary to study for CAT!?

3.How much preparation time for the interview

Interview Experience 70

Bsc (zoology hons) background
1. Why is Haryana in the eye of the nation?

2. Showed me a pulse candy and asked me to compare its production with farming products

3. Asked to compare supply chain of both the products

4. Argued how the 1st farm law can be beneficiary

5. Why particullary small farmers are against it?

6. What is the emotional quotient

7 . How it can connected to farmers and farming land

8. Watson Crick Model

9. Peptide bond

10. Why MBA from science

11. Which all places i have travelled

12. What are the borders that are found in north east india

13. Differentiate arithmetic & Geometric mean

14. Plans for the day.

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