IIM A B C WAT PI Course.

Accelerate your WAT and Personal Interview Preparation

IIM WAT PI is most important part of IIM Admissions. You can score well in the written test on the basis of your preparation but for WAT PI it all depends on how you convince the panelists. A comprehensive course for the Next level preparation of the B-school Selection Process.

Get Special Mentoring from Rahul Sir, MBA SP Jain and Executive Management Harvard Business School (SPNM)

Whats in Store ?
-Get added to the Special Mentoring Whatsapp Group
-Get personalized feedback on your resume, Interview Preparation Answers and Statement of Purpose and Each IIM Specific Application form answers
-3 Days of IIM A B C Special Online Workshops with SP Jain and IIM Alumni 
-Self Paced Dashboard Access to Videos that teach how to engage the panelists and draft each and every expected Question by mentor from IIM Lucknow, Mckinsey
-Mock Telephonic Personal Interview with recorded feedback on content of answers, voice modulation to focus on Content delivery and Soft Skills.
-For Mumbai students Face to Face Mock Personal Interview with recorded feedback to focus on body language and other soft skill parameters

CATKing Classroom GDPI ( Top B-Schools IIMs (A/B/C)| SP Jain |NMIMS|Symbiosis|IIFT | Other Top B-Schools)
Stay Glued till the end (Don’t give up)

Day Date Day Time Delivery Topic
Day 0 7th Jan to 13th Jan Tue-Mon Self-Paced Online Dossiers ( Finance, Marketing , Operations, IT , Digital Marketing )
How to Approach WAT
Tell me Something About Yourself Video
Why MBA Video
Where do you see yourself in 5 / 10 Years Videos
SWOT Analysis, What is not on your CV, Your Philosophy of Life Videos
What is your Biggest achievement, How to Sound Interesting in an Interview Videos
What do friends Think about You Video
Home Assignment 1: Prepare Resume
Day 1 14th Jan Tue 10 to 11 pm Online IIM WAT Mega Bootcamp: Rules of WAT
Most Expected WAT Topics
Home Assignment 2: Response to 3 Most Expected WAT Topics
Day 2 15th Jan Wednesday Self Paced
10 to 11 pm
Online How to Write SOP
How to Bring Leadership Examples in Interview Video
How to Answer Ethical Dilemma Questions Video
What is BIG 5 Video
How to answer your strengths and Weakness Videos
How to Answer you Hobbies and Interests Videos
Most Expected Interview Questions
Rules and Principles of Personal Interview ( Types of Interviewers )
Home Assignment 3: Prepare Your SOP
Day 3 16th Jan Thursday Self Paced
10 to 11 pm
Online Why Should the Panel select You Video
What you Dislike in Others Video
Which Specialization of MBA should you select Video
Why MBA for Engineers / Non Engineers Videos
IIM A – B- C Tricky and Abstract Interview Questions with SP Jain | IIM Alumni

Success Stories,of GDPI Courses by CATKing

Neha Rathore – LSE Admit & IIM A (Call)

Thanks to CATKing for a great strategic input to boost my scores. I started preparing for CAT after my graduation in the month of March. As advised by Rahul Sir, for the first few months, I focused on basic concepts and then on taking mocks and improving on my weaker section was my target. My success mantra

Vaibhav Shah – IIM Shillong

I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; since then it has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background I was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at CATKing helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially Ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts. My

Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

The mentors at CATKing with their teaching methods especially “strategies” were very helpful. Their support and motivation helped me convert IIM C.  I would like to thank Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. Debanjana – IIM Calcutta

Vivek IIM B

I would like to thank Rahul sir for firing spark in me to prepare for CAT and go for MBA. I was not sure whether to go or not for MBA but introductory session by Rahul sir motivated me and I decided to prepare for CAT. His quote ‘Success is the best revenge’ kept me

Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 

When the exams approached near, while the other coaching institutes stopped conducting lectures; CATKing started to teach the strategies to do in the exam. This was something which helped me a lot during the last days of the studies. They were very responsive to the students doubts/queries or problems. Kaushal Bavishi – IIM Raipur 

Utkarsh Vijayvergiya

I was not a regular CatKing student. I joined it for my GDPI preparation.

  1. It’s definitely worth it for the amount they cost you. Just ₹1000.
  2. They’ll motivate you, prepare you for the interviews, and will give you an idea about different verticals in an MBA programme. This can help you choose
  3. Sessions are good. They don’t go into depth but will prepare you with the basics (which should be enough for clearing interviews)

Overall, it’s worth joining their GDPI course. Utkarsh Vijayvergiya

Keval Satra – IIM Rohtak

Thanks to CATKing I was able to make it to IIMs; all the lectures are excellent esp the workshop that they conducted just few days before the exams. These workshops are not only filled with tips and tricks but also are full of motivation which is very much required for any student serious about these

Samay- SPJain

Being a CA student I had no clue about the MBA system and how to prepare for MBA entrances, but the guidance provided by CATKing & Rahul Sir helped me sail through the entire process. Their study material and mocks helped me to prepare for CAT in a structured manner, also the training given for group

Angshuman sonowal, IIM Kozhikode

It was a wonderful learning experience with CATKing. Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir were very supportive throughout the preparation journey and constantly kept motivating. They played a pivotal role on my journey to IIM-Kozhikode, especially during the GDPI rounds. Big thanks once again to the whole team. Angshuman sonowal, IIM Kozhikode

Shreya Gulati, MICA Convert

Prerak Thakkar – IIM Rohtak

I would like to thank CATKing team and Rahul sir for my IIM convert. I was very fortunate to join CATKing which was not only a good place to study but also helped visualise the life during and post MBA. This was a motivating factor and kept us going. If you are serious about CAT,

Piyush Agarwal – IIM Rohtak

I have been fortunate to have joined CATKing. I had no doubts that this will be the right choice after meeting Rahul Sir. Not only they are good with Verbal but also have great faculty for DI, LR & Quants. The best part is their study material which is very systematic and very close to

Jagesh Golwala,CAT 2018 100%iler IIM A, B, C Convert

Aditya Aher, IIM Bodhgaya

I, Aditya Aher, would like to thank Catking for the immense contribution towards my CAT Journey and helping me to get into one of the Top B-Schools in the country. This was all possible due to Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and all the other faculties of Catking who made sure that we are well equipped

Prachodaya Das, IIM Ahmedabad

Rahul Sir, I would like to share with you that I have finally made it to the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) and am now part of their prestigious PGP program.
Your unending support has propelled me to work hard and improve and hence all of this would not have been possible without

Ishita Gupta

CAT King workshops are one of the best workshops in all terms. Just attended the Budget 2020 workshop today and it was amazing. The content being technical the workshop didn’t go boring and was very engaging. This the thing I have seen with Rahul sir. The interaction with the students during the whole workshop by

Naynesh -IIM Lucknow

Thanks to CATKing for all the guidance and help for my CAT Preparations. I was very fortunate to get in touch with Rahul sir, who was an excellent mentor; he not only helped me with Verbal ability but also help boost my confidence for the crucial CAT exam. Naynesh Rajyak – IIM L Call  

Khushboo IIM Lucknow

Rahul Sir and CATKing rocks! They truly know what they are into and are doing a great job by providing the right guidelines to the students aspiring for CAT. Thanks for all the help, I was able to convert IIM L. Keep up the good work. Khushboo – IIM Lucknow

Disha Shukla, former Financial Analyst at XL Dynamics

Definitely, it is! Right from preparing you for all the entrance exams, it builds your resume, helps you prepare for GDPI with the alumni of top B schools. You can always book an appointment for a one on one session with the counselors and get complete guidance on how to ace your scores. Moreover, they

Taniya Kurve – IIM Indore

My cat preparation would not be as comprehensive as it has been without CATKing. Their study material, mocks, faculty and support staff all have been excellent. Special thanks to Rahul sir for all the guidance and inputs till the very last day of both exams and GDPI. If you are looking for sturdy support and

Live Workshops

Join us wherever you are! – Live sessions on every topic for Group Discussions. All that you would get in a classroom course is provided to you at the comfort of your home/wherever you are.

Delivery by Mentors from IIM / SP Jain / NMIMS / JBIMS – These elite trainers are there to guide you through their live virtual sessions. They understand strategy and pacing and how to transform an ‘average’ shortlist to a ‘smart’ one!

Knowledge Transfer Sessions

You will get guidance from your assigned trainers in the form of review and feedback on live interviews. So you still get the benefits of a classroom course, without actually having to come to attend classes!

Get the insights from the MBA perspective on the current affair topics, what are the success factors and some constructive criticism to all the key initiatives being taken in the economy. Know the statistics that can give you an edge over the others in every Group Discussion or Written Ability Test.

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