How to Crack Verbal Ability in CET?

How to Crack Verbal Ability in CET?

Even though most of the doorway exams of this season are behind us, yet it’s time to specialize in the ultimate entrance examination for this exam season. The test, MH-CET, is predominantly a state-level MBA entrance examination for admissions into the MBA colleges of Maharashtra. However, students outside the state can also take this test. In this article, we will discuss the strategy to crack the verbal ability section of the MBA CET exam.

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Overview of the MH-CET Verbal Ability Section

Before moving further, let’s have a glance at the exam pattern for the last year: The verbal section had around 60 questions. The verbal section was dominated by reading comprehension and important reasoning based questions. the opposite areas covered are sentence completion, cloze passage, sentence rearrangement, and vocabulary based questions. So it’s clear that you simply got to increase the scope of your preparation so as to successfully master the exam and score well in it. there’s no negative marking during this exam.
MBA-CET introduces minor variations within the exam pattern year to year and a few of the question types might disappear this year and new ones could be present in situ of them. this is often why it’s important that you simply solve the MH-CET papers for the previous 5 years.

The pattern above highlights the following:

  • The exam tests a mixture of reading, reasoning, and vocabulary skills.
  • Reading comprehension forms a really important part of the exam.
  • The reading section doesn’t require focused and in-depth reading because the passages are easy to moderate.
  • MH-CET provides you a complete of 150 minutes to unravel 200 questions. Out of those 150 minutes, you ought to attempt to spend 45 to 50 minutes on Verbal Ability.
  • Remember, the highest institutes in MH-CET do have sectional cut-offs and you’re advised to balance your sectional attempts just in case these institutes are your target. just in case you’re targeting institutes aside from the highest ones, then you’ll probably devote overtime to the areas of your strength and check out to maximize your overall score within the exam.

Verbal Ability Pattern

There’ll be 50 questions within the Verbal ability Section in MBA MAH CET Exam with questions from sub section divided as follows:-

  • Reading Comprehension 10
  • Cloze Test 10
  • Sentence Correction / Spot the error 5
  • Fill within the blanks 5
  • Para jumbles 5
  • Vocab correct spelling 5
  • Antonyms and Synonyms 5
  • Probable starters 5

Tips and Strategies to Crack the Verbal Ability Section in MAH-CET

  1. We reiterate that if you are feeling you’ve got a command over English then this could be the starting section for MBA CET. you’ll finish it within a half-hour. Your attempt will always be good.. so ideal starter for the innings. When confused accompany the elimination rule and you’ll easily solve this section by eliminating options and getting them right down to 50-50 choice. Don’t waste an excessive amount of time per question.
  2.  For those, who feel that English isn’t their forte i.e. it’s average, we might still recommend that you simply should still start your mah CET exam with this section. attempt to read carefully and avoid small mistakes. Remember to be extra cautious with Para jumbles. If you’re not too sure a few problems, it’s better to go away. Otherwise, attempt 40 questions during this section with good accuracy, you’ll be ready to clear the general cut-offs without much trouble. the utmost time spent on this section should be a half-hour.
  3. If your English is basically weak, then only you ought to attempt it after the Reasoning and Quantitative sections. attempt to solve as many questions within the above-mentioned sections as you’ll to clear overall cut-off albeit you score less in English. Since it’s your weakest section, don’t save quite 25 half-hours for this section. Aim to urge 30+ questions attempt. Plan ahead to work out which sections do one regularly score well in English. supported our analysis, we recommend you to avoid Para jumbles. Instead plan to Fill within the blanks, cloze procedure, and Sentence correction question. Once you’re through with them, attempt vocabulary questions from Reading Comprehension. this is able to be enough to extend your score.
  4. If you’ve got enough time for the exam devour an ebook(fictional/non-fictional), newspaper, or journal which is simply above your current level of reading.
  5. Keep an e-dictionary handy.
  6. Spend around an hour approximately daily for this activity. Not only will it improve your speaking skills, but it’ll also help increase your reading speed which comes in VERY handy while attempting any competitive exam, especially CET where your race is against the clock.
  7. Faster reading speed can make a critical difference in clearing the cutoff since it enables you to read more questions in stipulated time.
  8. Besides the above-mentioned benefits, reading the newspaper drastically improves your public knowledge. Try reading most of the items on a computer or laptop screen. it’ll make your eyes and body familiar with a display screen where you’ve got to write down the exam finally. The above activity will assist you all together in the sections, especially in RC.

How to Crack Different sections in Verbal Ability in MAH-CET

  1. Reading Comprehension:-

It’s generally suggested to read the paragraph first then the questions within the RC section. But on a display screen, it doesn’t make much sense as you can’t underline the important information. Hence, so as to save lots of time and increase accuracy, we recommend that you simply have a cursory check out the questions first then undergo the passage. This ensures that while reading the passage you exactly know on what’s being asked, answer it correctly and continue to the subsequent question. Now for the fact-based questions like synonym/antonym and vocabulary questions of RC, first read the questions carefully then identify the sentence during which the word is present and skim it once. Then, have a glance at your options and trust your intuition to answer the question i.e. the primary choice that props up in your mind is that the most probable answer

       2. Cloze Test:-

One paragraph with numbered blanks. These questions are easy and assist you to improve your performance. If you’re confused between two options, then move onto the subsequent question, solve it and are available back to the question where you’re confused. you’ll now have a far better idea of the right choice.

       3. Fill within the blanks:-

Accompany the elimination rule and you’ll easily solve this section by eliminating options and getting them right down to 50-50 choice. Again, trust your instinct for selecting between the 2 options.

       4. Spot the error /Sentence Correction:-

Eliminate options by reading the sentence and asking yourself “Does this sound right?”

  • Complete exercises in ‘Wren & Martin’
  • Complete all exercises in the study material given by the coaching centers

       5. Probable starters and Fill in sentences:-

These are fairly new sorts of questions so we recommend you travel through a minimum of 30 questions of every type to urge won’t to them. Trust me in CET verbal section is basically the simplest and most scoring one.

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