The Tale of F Day : First Day at Internship

Date: 04/18/02017

Hope, Excitement, Aspirations few words which could describe my feelings while I was heading to Marsh’s office on a busy Monday morning. The moment I put off my alarm I realized, it was not the same morning, instead of being lazy, I was feeling a soothing combination of excitement and nervousness. The day has arrived for which I was waiting from the day I was placed there.

After having done usual morning chores I boarded a cab to reach my destination. The cab stopped and in front of me was a tall building; a feeling of being proud for self was something I understood at that moment. And then I entered Marsh’s office and I was taken to a conference room where few other interns were sitting already. The same tint of excitement can be seen on their faces as well. We started greeting each other and interaction followed it. It started with knowing each other’s name and it still is in continuation. HR representative of Marsh then joined us and the induction started with the welcome speech of HR head at Marsh & McLennan Companies. Then a series of events followed, we all were then asked to come in front and give a brief description about ourselves so that at the end of it, we were familiar with the names of our future colleagues. We were then divided into teams for the upcoming team building events. The teams were divided giving diversification to team on the basis of gender, background and area. The activities then started which included small fun and team building exercises. The first exercise was to find 3 missing numbers from a list of 90 numbers which were placed randomly. Team synchronization, work balance and strategy of the team were tested in this fun activity. The next activity was blindfold walk where the coordination between the team members was intended to build. Few other activities followed it. We were then served breakfast and we had it while talking among ourselves. This was first instance when we interacted as a group informally and truly was a great experience

The next phase was joining formalities. We were given the welcome kit which included stationary which would be required by us in future and also few confidentiality documents which were to be signed by us and returned. As internship is just for two months joining formalities did not take much of the time. After being done with the joining formalities came a really important part that was department allocation. Being MBA students we had our masters in two major domains of marketing or finance and according to our preferences we were allotted the departments. HR came up with the project sheet in which all the vital details regarding our department, project title and our mentor were mentioned. Each one of us was called in front and the project sheet was given to us individually. Followed by this we had an interactive session with the people who had joined Marsh recently. We met few of our college super seniors in the session. It was a very interactive platform where we came to know about various things regarding Marsh about which we were really curious. Seniors also told us about various departments Marsh has and the functions which each of the department is responsible for. They also guided on the general do’s and don’ts which we must keep in mind during our internship time.

This was followed by a presentation from the HR which gave us a detailed view of Marsh & McLennan Companies and how it operates. All the important subdivisions and departments were touched in the presentation. It also included pointers on the ethical norms which were meant to be followed by us.

After this was lunch time and all new interns and our recently joined seniors had lunch together. It was where interaction with each other started on a more informal basis and feeling of excitement was taking over the feeling of nervousness. We talked about our college, our prior work experiences and many other things. At the end of lunch time Marsh was feeling like a place where we all would like to spend next two months happily.

After lunch we were taken to meet our mentors. I too met my mentor; an IIM Lucknow passed out young professional was very welcoming. Our interaction started with a brief introduction we shared about ourselves. He then asked me about my area of interest and told me about various projects where he could align me. He asked me about my college, my background and how I would like to take my career forward. After a series of discussion we decided on a project on which I was to work in future. He told me about his expectations from me and also about various helping aids which I could use for any sort of assistance during the tenure of project. He shared few documents with me for the background study and told me to know about the project so that I may start working on it from the next day. We then talked for about an hour and shared few insightful experiences with each other.

All interns then met during a tea break and we discussed on various projects we were aligned and how our project will proceed. We also discussed on what work load we might have in future and other aspects related to our project.

After having the tea break I sat on the desk assigned to me and started the background study of the project. I went through various documents which were shared by my mentor and then it was the time to leave for the day. I went to my mentor to give him the update and progress of the work.

And then I left Marsh very passionate to work next day.

My feelings of hope turned to happiness, excitement to passion, and aspiration to a set target .

Such turmoil of feelings in day !!!

Looking forward to be a part of it !!!!

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