Fathers of Various Fields

Fathers of Various Fields

Fathers of Various Fields

Competitive exams often have questions about significant persons known for being the fathers, mothers, or founders of a particular field or invention in the GK section. Students should know the important ones so that they maximize their chances of scoring in GK.

Read our list of Famous Fathers of the world and in India to score those additional marks.

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Often discoveries and innovations are the work of multiple people, resulting from continual improvements over time; however, certain individuals are remembered for making significant contributions to the birth or development of a field of technology.



List of Famous Fathers of the World:

Sr. No. Father of Person
1. Psychology Sigmund Freud
2. Cloning Ian Wilmut
3. Printing Guttenberg
4. History Herodotus
5. Economics Adam Smith
6. Philosophy Socrates
7. Sociology Augustus Comte
8. English Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer
9. Biology Aristotle
10. Essay Montaigne
11. Medicine Hippocrates


Father of Biology- Aristotle

Father of Scientific Socialism- Karl Marx










Sr. No. Father of Person
12. Homeopathy Samuel Haniman
13. Socialism Robert Owen
14. Scientific Socialism Karl Marx
15. Co-operation Robert Owen
16. Jurisprudence John Locke
17. Atom Bomb Otto Hahn
18. Genetics Gregor Mendel
19. Motor Car Henry Ford
20. Reformation Martin Luther
21. Greek Democracy Clesthenes
22. Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rehman

Father of Modern Tourism- Thomas Cook

Father of Motor Car- Henry Ford










Sr. No. Father of Person
23. Pakistan Muhammed Ali Jinnah
24. Tanzania Julius Nyrere
25. Mathematics Pythagorus
26. Modern Cartoon William Hogarth
27. Modern Computer Charles Babbage
28. Nuclear Physics Ernest Rutherford
29. Modern Drama Henrik J. Ibsen
30. Modern Tourism Thomas Cook
31. Painting Leonardo Da Vinci
32. Green Revolution Norman Borlaug
33. Renaissance Petrarch


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Father of Painting- Leonardo Da Vinci




List of Famous Fathers of India:

Sr. No. Father of Person
1. Nation Mahatma Gandhi
2. Ayurveda Athreya
3. Astronomy Varahamihira
4. Sanskrit Drama Kalidasa
5. Indian Renaissance Raja Ram Mohan Roy
6. Surgery Susruta
7. Indian Unrest Bal Gangadhar Tilak
8. Indian Budge Professor Mahalanobis

Father of Nation- Mahatma Gandhi

Father of Indian Cinema- Dadasaheb Phalke










Sr. No. Father of Person
9. Indian Painting Nandalal Bose
10. Indian Cinema Dada Saheb Phalke
11. Indian Engineering M.Visweswariah
12. Indian Green Revolution Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
13. Indian Railway Lord Dalhousie
14. Co-operative Movement in India Frederic Nicholson
15. Indian Printing James Hickey
16. Local Self Government in India Lord Ripon


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