All about MBA at HEC Paris

All about MBA at HEC Paris

All about MBA at HEC ParisIn today’s competitive world. Pursuing an MBA has become of utmost importance it is like the prerequisite of going into an MNC working in the corporate. Or starting your own startup because no other company can run without management. Since it has become so mainstream just like easy languages to learn it is of utmost importance to consider pursuing an MBA from a reputed college a college as reputed as HTC Paris; one of the most renowned colleges in Europe. If you are planning to study abroad you should keep this college in your bucket list and it should be one of the studies abroad applications that you should consider first.

Located in the heart of the city HEC Paris has had a history of exceptional students and has been holding the 5th rank worldwide (According to QS global MBA rankings 2021). It is a very reputed university that husband holding its legacy from 140 years. If you have study abroad plants this should be on top of your list. The flagship MBA program offered here is incomparable.

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1) Top Ranked MBA

While the college holds of a position worldwide it holds a number 11 rank among its European counterparts the flagship MBA program. It is one of the best programs to be considered while studying abroad for a student. The highly educated faculty and exceptionally brilliant students contribute towards success.

2) Return on investment

When it comes to us why there are very few colleges at par with HEC Paris because not only does impart exceptional education. But it also ensures your study abroad plants do not go to waste the placements have been substantially good over the years while your MBA fees are 72500 euros. The average salary what the mean stands at about 128000 dollars per year, now isn’t that a terrific arrow?

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3) Global Exposure

Why studying abroad Global exposure is very very important plus you experience easy languages to learn. You will be surprised to know that the diversity rate in HEC Paris is about 93% that means every 93 out of hundred students are international such diversity leads to diverse learning vitiated leads to success. Because the MBA is all about growing your network. And if you are getting a chance to grow your network globally then what’s better for advancing your study abroad career plans.

4) Alumni Base

MBA is all about going on the network the better the alumni base, the more credible the University has. HTC has over 60,000 aluminium across 152 countries with a very active element committee. Which is responsible for holding events workshops. That will help you motivate and grow further in your career. It is a one-stop place for career advice and workshops. Imagine studying in a college with such a good alumni base is so exceptional not only will it help you advance in your career but will also help you grow. ‘Your network and as they say that your network is your net worth.’

5) Change role or industry

If you have study abroad plans and have been working and are clueless as to how will the MBA program turn out to be fear not, 2019 record shows at 8 p.m. the graduates and the walking and different domains from before the MBA? You can be from a finance background and can opt for operations, you can be from a from HR background and can opt for Marketing. HEC has got you covered.

now let’s take a look at the different types of programs are offered at HTC parts and its requirements.


One of the best stop, for your study abroad plans. The full-time MBA flagship programme at HEC Paris is that of 16 months and a mode of communication in English. One gets to choose to specialise in any discipline be a digital innovation and entrepreneurship strategy sustainable innovation etc.

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Trium Global Executive MBA

Trium offers a part-time MBA program that is run collectively by top B schools like HEC Paris London school of economics> And political science, and the Stern School of Business (New York University). If you are a working professional and are planning to study abroad this is the best program for you.

Apart from this HEC Paris also offers two other masters programs that are MSc in international finance and masters in management. but we will not get into details of these two programs. That is an article for another day.

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